How learning to coach prevents burn out

So many people are susceptible to burn out at this time.

Recent studies put pastors in one of the highest categories of people who burn out, with nearly three out of four pastors regularly considering leaving. We can assume this would be similar for other leaders who head up ministries, charities or work in any high-pressure environment.

So many of us don’t recognise the signs that we are burning out. Burnout symptoms include: feeling over whelmed, loss of clarity of thought, loss of passion, disengagement, feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, lacking in motivation, fatigue, feeling like you are on a hamster wheel with no end, depression, hopelessness, loss of patience, becoming a glass half empty person….the list goes on.

How can learning to coach help?

Learning the skills of coaching helps reduce the risks of burn out for leaders, high achievers, parents or anyone. Leaders who have learned the Destiny Coaching model, have experienced healing and been really helped to re-focus when they are going through burn out. 

Destiny Coaching’s unique approach includes both a spiritual and practical framework, which moves you into a healthier space mentally, relationally and spiritually. It teaches you new mindsets that change behaviour and result in helping you to reduce the load, learn balance and connect with Jesus more.

The shift in mindsets that leaders go through on the Coach Training Leadership Development Program, has prevented burn out and sometimes resulted in God bringing healing also! (Eg. Related illnesses such as Chronic Fatigue and others.)

Here’s a few insights into how and why it works

Mental shifts

The Destiny Coaching approach is unique as it trains people to reverse negative mindsets and adopt a completely 100% positive focus on solving problems and planning the future.

The Destiny Coaching journey trains you to recognise and reverse unhelpful beliefs that would result in feelings of hopelessness or overwhelm. It also goes further because the tools train you to use your God-inspired imagination to create paths to go forward in, that are not only 100% positive, but go beyond positive.

It connects you to your God given creativity and your heart, that is after all the wellspring of life (Proverbs 4:23), to create future possibilities that are ‘too good to be true.’ By completing the entire Destiny Coaching process these supposedly ‘too good to be true’ options actually get turned into a whole new ways of being and thinking.

This forward focussed process helps you to think futuristically, beyond current, seemingly overwhelming and impossible situations, towards future ideal solutions. The process helps you to create a highly resonant vision, which revives and refills what is burnt out and fatigued bringing you back to life. (A people without vision perish – Proverbs 29:18).

Relational Shifts

Learning to coach the Destiny Coaching model, completely changes the way you approach all your relationships. Learning a coach approach, teaches you how to effectively self-manage.

You learn to actively listen to others. You learn to become curious and seek to understand instead of to fix. You learn to believe in others wholeheartedly no matter what. You learn to stop feeling the burden of their problems and instead to facilitate them to sort out their own problems and excel.

This saves many leaders from burn out. It helps release them from false or unnecessary responsibilities. It helps them step into a more empowering space, inspiring, influencing and motivating people, rather than taking on the burden of fixing everything and having to have solutions all the time, which is what leaders typically think they must do.

Many leaders have completely changed the way they lead after taking the program. Because of the change in mindset, leaders discover how to engage those they lead to a far greater degree and to delegate more effectively.

Many leaders have consequently, experienced significant improvements in their personal work/life balance. They also experience better team morale and far closer connection with those they lead. In one particular example, a leader who took the program, went from a place of desperation and feeling totally overwhelmed, to enjoying work again, and building significant trust with her team. She found her team to be more productive and she ended up working far less hours, just by changing her mindset to the ‘coach approach.’

With the Destiny Coaching toolkit, leaders are able to go even further by coaching people into clarity of their purpose. Having the skills to bring clarity of purpose, helps them to coach people into the best focus for their lives and activate them forwards into that.

The joy and fulfilment of being able to do this effectively, brings a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment and reduces the feeling of being ill equipped to help take people as far as they may want to.

Spiritual Shifts

Finally, burn out is not a concept that The Lord is unaware of. He knows us inside out. By learning to coach the unique Destiny Coaching way, you learn how to directly hear from God for yourself and how to lead others to Him directly, to encounter Him on any given subject.

We are not made to be in the dark as to what God is saying. The Bible says ‘His sheep hear His voice’. We are His sheep.

Many people don’t believe they can hear God. Through the Destiny Coaching approach, you learn how to easily enter into the presence of God and how to ask Him powerful questions and hear His response.

Learning how to listen actively is a great skill for any relationship but especially rewarding when you learn how to use this skill to hear from God Himself.

Hearing from God for yourself is the first level, but then being able to easily facilitate others to hear from Him also using this coach approach, shifts the way you lead. By experiencing connection to God through the coaching, a new habit is formed, to go to God for answers and encounter on anything you may need. The result, a closer relationship to God, hearing and acting on wisdom from Him. God is allowed to be God, the leaders burden is reduced. 

The Destiny Coaching model also teaches to you to listen and coach at a deep heart level.

Finding Passion and Purpose Again

Burn out often means that you are so fatigued you have lost touch with what is going on at a heart level. Getting back in touch with your own heart is a vital step along the journey of healing. Staying in this place is part of the journey of living and leading in a healthy way that avoids overwhelm. 

The Destiny Coaching Model has many tools to get you to access your heart and coach others to do the same to discover what really matters. This prevents burn out because when you live in closer connection to your heart, you spot very early signs of burn out much sooner. This deals with one of the biggest problems that most don’t know they are dangerously burnt out until it is too late. The coaching process also helps people come out of burn out by re-engaging with their hearts and the well spring of energy in there.


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