bridgeWHO WE ARE

We are a ministry whose mission it is to:

Equip you to walk in the fullness of your destiny and purpose

Create cultures of encouragement and empowerment where people can thrive and grow

We encourage, empower and catalyse Christians into fullness of destiny, using our unique biblically based coaching framework, which coaches at a deep heart level and involves God in the process.

Our unique model coaches the heart with a Biblical, Holy Spirit based edge. 

Thousands of hungry people, keen to activate themselves into the fullness of their purpose have experienced incredible breakthrough via our 1 to 1 coaching, our online programs, 2 day workshops and learning to coach our model.

Those impacted include, christian leaders, professionals, business owners, ‘wanna be’ coaches, students, grandmas, mums, dads and so many!

Our coaching model follows industry guidelines (International Coach Federation) bringing comprehensive professional level coach training combined with a deeply spiritual, highly transformative toolset.

All of our programs  are participative and will lead you through having a transformational coaching experience.

You will understand more of who you are and your unique purpose.

As well as receiving coaching, you can learn to coach Destiny Coaching’s unique 5 phase process (shown here) online and/or at our annual residential weekends program (currently the UK). Although built on Christian and biblically based truths our coaching model is all inclusive and suitable for anyone with a faith or not.

Christian Coaching

 The Story Behind Destiny Coaching Ministries

Tina SouthgateTina Southgate founded Destiny Coaching Ministries in 2012.

Tina left her business career to found a coaching company in 2006.

Four years after creating this coaching company, in 2010 Tina attended a leadership school in California resulting in her spending 3 years living in Redding California and becoming part of a Christian coaching community based at Bethel church. During this time, Tina refined and honed her coaching programs and developed more programs which blend her professional accredited coaching with Biblical themes specifically for Christian believers.

IMG_4801Towards the end of 2013 Destiny Coaching Ministries came to Europe, having been started informally in the USA. In 2016,  having met in Redding, California years and years earlier, Tina and Gerrard got married and Gerrard joined her to co-lead this ministry.

Tina Southgate is a qualified professional coach, a speaker and writer. Destiny Coaching Ministries partners closely with professional Christian coaching ministries from around the world to bring a blend of life transforming coaching to help encourage and launch believers into their destinies.

Destiny Coaching Ministries works with kingdom businesses, churches, ministry schools and nonprofit organisations, as well as providing one to one individual coaching and mentoring.

The ministry brings together a community of professional coaches, mentors and trainers who are knit together in heart to equip believers to discover and fulfil their God given destinies.

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