Aligning with your unique grace and authority to thrive in turbulent times

This year has certainly been, so far one of the strangest I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Lockdowns, riots, unprecedented fires in California, restricted travel, job losses, bankruptcies, social distancing at church, school, and everywhere. There are many changes in the way we do so much.

How can we stand strong and with boldness declare and believe what God has for us next?

In the last few months, I’ve finished producing another part of our online coaching courseware, the Grace and Authority Wheel.

Here are some areas which in the process of creating this, I have personally benefited from and I hope you will in turn:

COACHING TIP 1 – Find the relevant strategy God has already given you

God gave you winning strategies that you need before the global pandemic struck.  I know this because He did it for me, He steered me into a direction that didn’t make too much sense in 2019. It was to stop something that was good and anointed and flourishing and commit fully into an online on-demand platform. It made some sense then but this year it has become a winning strategy on so many levels. God did this for me, so He will do it for you. It’s who he is. He did this for Noah. He told Noah to make an ark. Something that made no sense at the time. Something that others thought was foolish. But God knew, in Noah’s case, that the rain would come, catastrophe would happen, and when it did, God had already prepared Noah. In a similar way, God has given you some kind of ‘Noah’s ark’. Ask Him. What are you directing me into that may make little sense now, but sets me up for the unprecedented times we are living in?

COACHING TIP 2 – God’s plan is to increase not decrease.

The opportunities ahead of you are greater than those behind you. To fully see this a change in perspective is needed. Focus on your prophetic potential and your ‘vision potential’. Prophetic potential comes from those words which others have spoken over you about your future. Your greater future. Your future that seems impossible without God. Along with your prophetic words, grow your vision. Grow it to supernatural proportions, to be something that you could only fulfil with God. You have special grace over your vision. It’s yours. It’s a gift from God. It has your passion, your DNA, your special personality all over it and its beautiful. You have authority from heaven mandated to you to fulfil it! Believe and let God grow you into this vision.

COACHING TIP 3 – Look for your favor

The unique and special favor on your life gives you strategy. Favor is hard to recognise because it’s natural and easy. You naturally thrive here, get drawn on from others here, get invited to participate. Whatever it is, God gave you favor in, find it and use it to propel yourself forward and thrive

COACHING TIP 4 – Find and cultivate your passion

What you feel in your heart is of utmost importance. Don’t deny this it’s an area of priority in your life. Know that your feelings, what you care about most points you to your purpose. In this new season, re-calibrate yourself and your life to align with your passion.

COACHING TIP 5 – Align to God’s redemptive work in your life

Remember to look for clues from your past, maybe hardships you or your family have worked through or are still working through. Look for areas that have been difficult where you have pushed through. God’s plan is always to redeem. Part of the way He redeems is to use these very areas as part of your purpose. He uses you to bring redemption to others in these very areas.

Whether you are a coach, or whatever your work, looking at these areas helps us to know where God wants us. Divorce, sickness, changing careers, surviving an abusive relationship, escaping financial ruin, re-training, moving countries, whatever you have worked through, you now carry special grace and authority to guide others through. Don’t forget what you are now qualified for because of this.

COACHING TIP 6 – Recognise your blessings and expect more

Finally, we often don’t spend time recognising and stewarding God’s blessings on our life. God will continue to bless us, so we have special grace and authority in these blessed areas. Look for grace and authority that runs through your family. For example, do you see particular favor on your family, a particular strength. My family is full of teachers! Your personal encounters with God is also part of your blessing. You can bring these same encounters to others because you have grace and authority to do so.


In the turbulent times we are living, knowing who we are and what we carry, is so important. Aligning to our specific and special areas of grace and authority grows our confidence and our impact. It helps us to thrive in the midst of whatever else is going on.

Written by Tina Southgate, Founder, Destiny Coaching Ministries

To find out more about how to coach the Grace and Authority Wheel which covers some the areas mentioned above visit   This coaching tool is contained in Phase 4 of the Coach Training Leadership Development Program

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