For Coaching Graduates

A variety of training and mentoring programmes for coaches who want to progress their professional coaching skills, their kingdom coaching skills, to get accredited or coach for income (build their client base).

Destiny Coaching specialises in providing highly transformational coach training in  ‘kingdom style coaching’ which engages people into spiritual encounters, coaches identity, life purpose and activates creativity in the growing process.

This coaching style is unique and in depth and in some ways an art. In order to help you develop these skills we offer many different ways of developing and improving your coaching.


For our Coaching Graduates and Current Students Only 

****NEW****  Coach Development Bridge Program

5 x ICF Observations in a Small Group

For students of Destiny Coach Training programs that wish to upgrade their training to ICF approved training hours

Whatever year you took our Coach Training it is now possible for you to pursue an ICF credential using that training. All you need to do is to take this Bridge Program. This will upgrade your training to our current approved Executive Certificate in Co-Creative Transformational Coaching. The amount of hours you will be awarded will depend on which format you took your original training in. There are videos and webinars available detailing how many ICF approved training hours you will receive depending on which year and which format you took our training. 

£550  / $770 USD one off payment

Installment Plan – 3 x monthly payments of £187 / $267 USD



The Online OnDemand Subscription for Alumni

Get serious. Get more.

Unlimited Access to Core Curriculum Online On-Demand teachings.

Have access to the complete five phases of the Destiny Coaching Core Curriculum to help you progress, refresh and learn more.

The ENTIRE curriculum is included, plus hours of additional material, previously not taught via live courses and now available OnDemand at your fingertips to access anytime. The library includes dozens of full length, sample coaching demonstrations, teaching videos of everything you learned and more, including best practice tips and tools.

£125 per month / $163 USD per month



Coach Mentoring

For current and previous students

To develop your coaching

To become certified


There are 4 types of mentoring available. Which one you choose will depend on which version of our training you have done and what end goal you have in mind.


1. The Coach Development Bridge Program (as mentioned above)

This is specifically for students taking our training prior to our training being approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF). You will be observed over 5 x 60 minute video based online calls with 2 other students. You will be given feedback on your coaching according to the ICF competencies and developmental ideas and tips on how to be a better coach.  

Duration: 2 to 3 months, based on you having 2 to 3 observation sessions per month


2. Level 1 Certification Program

This is for students who have studied a minimum of the Level 1 Executive Certificate either live or OnDemand. You will submit 2 x 30-minute audio recordings of you coaching a volunteer or client (Note: the person you coach cannot be another coach or student). You will listen to this recording with your mentor and will be given feedback and measured against required Level 1 competencies (an outline of which will be given to you beforehand). If you pass you will be awarded Level 1 Certified Co-Creative Transformational Coach, (Level 1 – CCTC)

Duration: 1 to 2 months, based on 1 to 2 appointments per month


3. Group Mentoring Program (With partner CAM. Contact us for details of next cohort)

This is for any students past or present who are committed or have completed a minimum of 60 hours of our training (3 to 5 phases of the Co-Creative Coaching Model). This is an ICF approved mentoring program to give you the required 10 hours of mentoring that you need to apply for an ICF credential. During this program, in a group of between 6 and 12 other students you will have 7 hours of group-based mentoring where you will listen to each other coach and give and receive feedback led by an ICF qualified to Master Coach level. You will then have 3 one to one mentoring session with a variety of PCC level qualified ICF coaches who will listen to you coaching and give you personal mentoring to prepare you for your ICF Credential application. They will help you understand where you are coaching excellently, where you can improve and any areas of concern (if any) as well as helping you understand exactly how to apply for your ICF credential.

Duration: 3 months (7 group meetings happen weekly and 3 x 1 to 1 mentoring is set up at a time mutually convenient to you and your mentor. ICF stipulates that this program must happen over a 3-month period)


4. Level 5 Certified Co-Creative Transformational Coach Certification Program (coming late 2022)

This is for students who have studied the Full Executive Certificate (Levels 1 to 5) live or OnDemand. This program will be launched later in 2022. (Passing this program will qualify you to become a Level 5 Certified Co-Creative Transformational Coach, Level 5 – CCTC). Full details coming soon!



WDIDN -iStock_000016097473Large

Destiny Coach Licensing Program for Coach Training Graduates

This program is for students taking our full coach training (Phases 1 to 5). It is for those that would like to specialise in purpose and identity coaching, taking coachees on a deep journey of discovery and breakthrough by coaching them through our Destiny Activator programs.

***We are currently revamping this training, as we are turning our original Destiny Activator Program into shorter online courses that are easily accessible for a variety of people.***

Watch this space for new facilitator training targeted to become available in 2023.

This training will equip you to use your Destiny Coaching skills to lead people through formated coaching programs in a variety of formats, (e.g. 1 to 1, in a small group online or ‘in person’ or via a 2 day workshops). This training is for those who want to deepen their skills in life purpose development and activation.  



ICF (International Coach Federation) Credential

IMG_0500 low res and brightened copy
Tina Southgate, Founder of Destiny Coaching speaks about ICF.

“The International Coach Federation offers a globally recognised standard in coaching. Becoming credentialed by this industry body is an option not a necessity. It is however, a fantastic way of ensuring you meet a globally recognized standard of coaching. ICF offer a robust process of approval which is excellent and is definitely recognised amongst everyone in the industry. Our Executive Certificates are approved by the ICF and therefore give you approved ACSTH ICF hours.

Our coaching model, which uses a deeply spiritual process and coaches at a heart level, as well as providing a comprehensive toolkit to enable people to clarify identity and purpose in many areas exceeds many parameters which is required by the ICF. Many coaches accredited by ICF do not know how to coach in the style that we teach and are not equipped with as many tools. Many consider our training an advancement on what they have learned pursuing ICF accreditation.

So if you are an ICF accredited coach you will enjoy our curriculum as something fresh and new and different!

On completing our coach training there are various industry accreditations that you can apply for. All of them without exception require case study evidence of paid clients alongside evidence of your training.

To get ICF accreditation. Our Executive Certificate’s provide ICF ACSTH approved hours. The ICF, will in addition to this require you to have 10 hours of mentoring with an ICF approved mentor and to complete 100 hours of coaching (70% of which must be paid). Do check direct on ICF’s own website for latest stipulations. We offer an excellent, great value for money mentoring program to fulfil the 10 hours of required ICF mentoring. You will also need to provide a transcribed audio recording of your coaching and complete the CKA online exam on the ICF website. These components along with paying the ICF application fee. (Approx $570 USD) are all of your required components to get your ICF accreditation.



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