For Coaching Graduates

We offer a variety of advanced coach training and mentoring programmes for coaches who want to progress their professional coaching skills, their kingdom coaching skills, to get accredited or coach for income (build their client base).

Destiny Coaching specialises in providing highly transformational coach training in  ‘kingdom style coaching’ which engages spiritual encounters, coaches identity, life purpose and activates creativity in the growing process.

This coaching style is unique and in depth and in some ways an art. In order to help you develop these skills we offer many different short courses, longer more in depth courses, mentoring and a licensing process.


For our Coaching Graduates and Current Students Only 


The Alumni Subscription

Get serious. Get connected. Get more.

Unlimited Access to Core Curriculum Online On-Demand teachings

Weekly Activation Sessions where you coach and get coached and refine and hone skills. One to one coaching in breakout rooms plus group discussion. 

All access pass to Live Classes (twice a month), to learn and practice a particular Module from the curriculum and learn best practice and how to find clients. (A combination of teaching and breakout rooms for practice coaching). Currently led by Tina Southgate

Access to join Practice Cohorts where you get randomly paired with current students and Alumni twice a month for an extended session at a mutually convenient time for you both. 

All this gives you lots of opportunity to meet other coaches in our community, stay fresh with your skills, get better at coaching and grow your coaching business 

  • Be connected to other coaches in our community
  • Enjoy live classes, twice a month and weekly activation sessions where you can interact with tutors and other students
  • Learn best practice, refresh on toolkit, hear coaching and get feedback on your coaching and your questions about clients, learn how to find and set up clients and much more!
  • Have access to the archive of recordings of Live Classes covering a vast range of topics to help you progress your coaching practice
  • Have access to the ENTIRE Coaching Training Leadership Development Program On Demand, dozens of sample coaching demonstrations, teaching videos of everything you learned and more, including best practice tips and tools.
  • Get access to practice buddies also keen to practice and learn via the Practice Cohorts

JUST £35 per month / $45 USD per month

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1 to 1 Coach Mentoring

Applicable for any coach trained or in training and Licensed Destiny Coach and Accredited Kingdom Coach pathways

In order to help you develop your skills, and complete your licensing requirements as a ‘Destiny Coach’ or ‘Kingdom Coach’, we offer 2 ways for you to receive mentoring on your coaching.

We  offer 1 to 1 mentoring to help you take your coaching to the next level. You simply send us a 30 minute recording of one of your coaching sessions and we will listen to it and follow up 1 to 1 with you to provide feedback and mentor you on your skills. This will give you an indication at what level you are coaching at and where to develop and grow.

Pre-Requisite: Coach Training Leadership Development Programme – Online or Residential

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Licensing and Accreditation Options for Our Coach Training Graudates 

This video outlines 2 pathways that are available for our Coach Training Graduates:


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Licensing Programme for Coach Training Graduates

Destiny Coach Pathway 

Learn how to take coachees on a deep journey of discovery and breakthrough by coaching them through our Destiny Activator programme. By the end of this training you will be able to take people through the Destiny Activator programme in your choice of formats, either 1 to 1, in a small group online or ‘in person’ or via a 2 day workshop. This training is ideal for those who want to deepen their skills in life purpose development and activation.  It is a requirement for those wanting to become licensed as a Destiny Coach under our ministry.  This training includes a face to face 2 day training workshop, 2 live interactive online classes, 1 to 1 mentoring, access to facilitators pack and an online resource area which includes further training videos along with ongoing support to help you run programmes afterwards.

Pre-Requisite: Coach Training Leadership Development Programme – Online or Residential and attendance at a Destiny Activator 2 day workshop

Cost: £430 + VAT (this includes, 2 online classes, 2 days face to face training which includes professional facilitator training, facilitation manuals and all refreshments and meals during face to face training days)

Dates: 2 days face to face training days- Dates postponed from November, 2019 to 2020 – please contact us to indicate your interest – (Venue: Hilton Doubletree, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, Greater London, United Kingdom) 

Live Online Webinars: Webinar 1 – 3 weeks prior to face to face training and Webinar 2 – 3 weeks after face to to face training –  both at 6pm-7.30pm UK time

Course enrolment deadline: 6 weeks prior to weekend training

(The 6 week prior enrolment deadline that is set is important as you will have pre-course work to complete before the face to face weekend days) 

You will receive courseware 1 month before weekend face to face training and will be expected to prepare for the 2 days training (estimated prep time you will need to allocate  is 3-4 hours)

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Kingdom Leadership Webinars with Guest Speakers

A series of one off live webinars with expert speakers from around the globe speaking, teaching and equipping on different aspects of kingdom leadership. Join us to be encouraged, inspired and equipped with practical tools to take your leadership to the next level.

These webinars are being held as part of our current residential coach training leadership development programme, but are open to all. During January, February, March and April, these will be held live. Recording will be available.

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ICF (International Coach Federation) Accreditation 

IMG_0500 low res and brightened copy
Tina Southgate, Founder of Destiny Coaching speaks about ICF.

“The International Coach Federation offers a globally recognised standard in coaching. Firstly, please be aware that you do not have to accredit in coaching in order to practice and charge professionally. Becoming accredited by this industry body is an option not a necessity. Hundreds of coaches practice in corporates and many other places without this or other accreditation. Nevertheless the ICF do offer a robust process of approval which is excellent and is definitely recognised amongst those that know the industry. We have followed their guidelines in much of what we have included in our curriculum.

As of June 2019, our coach training courses are not formally approved and accredited by ICF. We are in the process of working towards formal accreditation by ICF.

I felt led first and foremost to create our unique, 5-phase, highly transformational coaching model with it’s deeply spiritual dimension, teaching how to coach at a deep heart level, before formal accreditation. Our coaching curriculum therefore focuses on this, which is definitely not an ICF focus or requirement.

The result of this is that our coaching model in many areas exceeds that which is required by ICF. Many coaches accredited by ICF do not know how to coach in the style that we teach and are not equipped with as many tools. Many consider our training an advancement on what they have learned pursuing ICF accreditation.

Having said this our curriculum does follow guidelines from ICF.  However, our training course is not yet rubber-stamped by ICF and listed as one of their approved courses.

Currently on completing our course there are various industry accreditations that you can apply for. All of them without exception require case study evidence of paid clients as well as evidence of training.

With regards to ICF accreditation. They have a pathway called the ACC Portfolio Path. On this pathway, you provide evidence of completion of a coach training course and ICF friendly information about the curriculum. This is reviewed by ICF, along with other evidence of your paid coaching and based on the information you submit, ICF decides whether to accredit you or not. You also need to join the ICF ($400 or pay for accreditation without joining $600), have 10 hours of mentor coaching (by an ICF accredited mentor) over 3 months or more, log 100 hours of coaching (75% of which must be paid), submit transcribed audio recordings of your coaching and complete an online test on the ICF website.”

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