Growing in Authority

shutterstock_555551179_low resI’ve not met a person yet, who deep down would not like to change the world in some way.

Every single person has their own unique flavour of what exactly they would most want to change in the world they see. But everyone, whether timid and quiet, or loud and confident, has an idea of how the world could be a better place.

I believe that that’s because everyone was created to be a world changer. Even just by being born and simply being who you are, you will have already changed the world in some way. Every small action influences someone, and changes something.

Don’t be tempted to consider yourself not good enough to do something of any significance. If this is your belief, it is not Godly and you are under the influence of a lie. It’s false pride. You were created as God’s crowning glory in His image no less. Growing in authority plays an important role in enabling you to fully step into the world changer you were created to be.

Here are three areas to consider: –

Confidence and Commitment

Confidence, commitment and authority go hand in hand. The Bible says:

Philippians 4:13 New King James Version (NKJV)

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

There is a practical side of growing confidence which I believe we can get from simply practising the area we want to grow in, receiving instruction and training. But, there is also a heart posturing that is really important. First, we must know what our calling is. Second, we must set our heart towards it. This is a step of faith and a heart posture where we commit our whole lives to the path of our calling. We choose to fully own it as ours. We craft our life towards it. It becomes our ‘plan a’ with no ‘plan b’. We live in a place of completely trusting God with each step towards it. We fully engage in it, heart, mind and spirit.

Many people have an idea, a dream, a big prophetic word, but not many turn this into a real, tangible vision and plan with all the specifics. Fewer still commit their lives to the pursuit of this vision. Confidence and authority grows with posturing your heart, embracing this level of commitment and faith, wholly pursuing all things, even what seems impossible, knowing that Christ will strengthen you. As you step more into this space, your authority grows more and more.

Finding Your Voice

It’s very clear to see those that have found their voice. I believe it’s those that discover their life messages and a way of communicating them. We are drawn to listening to them. Their words carry authority. This is because a life message is born from personal experiences, and places where your heart has been transformed by God himself. Words that are life messages carry authority. If you don’t know what your life messages are you can clarify them. Everyone has them. For example, one way we coach life messages out of people is to look at significant life shaping events where their heart has been moulded through encountering God.

Even once you are clear on your life messages, the messages need time to evolve and grow into maturity and authority. Many times, this involves being given different platforms to deliver your message to different audiences. Your message grows and becomes more a part of you. You discover more and more language to deliver it. So becoming aware of what your key life messages are is an important step to finding the part of your voice that has the most authority. Then having time for your message to mature grows your authority.

Growing in Favour with Man and God

Jesus grew in favour with man and God. (Luke 2:52) so did Samuel (1 Samuel 2:26). How did they do this? Both these men honoured and gave time to those they were entrusted to be in close relationship with. They received from them and served them. Even Jesus took many years to be prepared for His ministry and call. He stepped into His ministry at 30 years old. If Jesus needed to do this, surely, we also need to do this. Everyone’s timing is different; everyone’s preparation is different.

There is a particular type of impartation that only comes when you submit yourselves in some way to God, and quite often for a season (or sometimes for life) to a leader. I believe we must pray before submitting to anyone. God will show you who He wants you to learn from, to receive impartation from and He will show you how He would like you to submit. Submitting to God is essential and that is a life long journey of learning! Strangely this act of submission and serving is another way in which we grow in authority. In this act of submission, God trusts us more and more and therefore increases our authority.  Read the story of Joseph as an example of this.


How Do You Know When You Have Grown in Authority?

Look at who is drawn to you, where are they at? Look at what you are carrying, your gifts and strengths. What is it that people who are in relationship with you receive; personal relationships, as well as work relationships and those you minister to? Reflect on 1 year ago, 5 years ago and 10 years ago and ask the same questions, you will see in which areas you have grown in authority.

Ask Holy Spirit to show you about the authority you carry. He wants you to fully take up your mantle, your calling, your authority and step into it for the sake of the world. You are destined to be a world changer!


Written by Tina Southgate

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  1. Thanks Tina. This is great practical advice. I have heard much of this before, but it is good to be reminded to stay on task.

    This message surely needs to get out to the wider body of Christ. I pray God will open those doors for this to happen through you.

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