Avoiding the Safe Zone!

shutterstock_549316108I coached a wonderful lady this week who has taken amazing steps towards living in her purpose. She has left a successful career in the corporate world to set up her own company to coach and inspire leaders.

It took us sometime to find any fear that she feels whatsoever. Even the fear that she does feel is not really crippling her as she is so excited and engaged with her new assignment which takes her into a new brand new season of stepping more fully into her purpose.

What an inspiration to coach someone who faces her fears immediately and there and then steps into a place of trust with God to overcome them.

As I coach many different leaders I see that some face and some avoid their fears and limiting beliefs. No matter which way you look at it, facing our fears is essential as they become obstacles stopping us from achieving our fullest potential in life and with God.

Discovering and stepping into the fullness of our purpose and destiny is a scary, risk filled adventure that only some pursue. It involves stepping into the unknown, giving up familiar territory, giving up financial security, having to believe and trust in God on a whole new level alongside trusting in yourself and your capabilities. It requires confidence in ever increasing quantities. Today’s confidence is never enough for tomorrow’s challenges. Stepping into the fullness of our destinies involves stepping into our unique assignments. These are roles where we can change the world in our own special unique way. Stepping into the world changer you were created to be is a stretching journey, one with plenty of personal growth and much spiritual growth.


A big problem is that we all have ‘safe zones’. We are mostly unaware of these safe zones. We reach a certain level of confidence in where we are at, we have security and familiarity. We feel competent and are able to trust God and ourselves easily in these places. As long as we are doing something good, something that is affecting the world in a positive way, something we feel confident in, we can end up staying in our safe zones without realising that we are only reaching part of our potential.

We may not realise that with God, He always moves us on to new challenges that enable us to trust Him more and more. Reaching our fullest potential is not just about the incredible impact we can have on the world, but also about stretching into a fuller more intimate relationship of deeper trust, faith, friendship and sonship with God. What I have noticed in myself and many I have coached is that the relentless pursuit of firstly understanding our purpose, followed by stepping into extraordinary courage and faith to achieve it, develops the closest most intimate relationship and trust in The Lord. The more you risk, the more you step into the unknown, the unfamiliar, the closer you get to God, as you discover more and more that you need Him.

The lady I coached this week, who has relentlessly pursued an understanding of her true purpose over the past years and who has now taken big steps of faith to walk in it, has grown exponentially closer to God in this time. What a journey, from the very first day she came to our Destiny Activator workshop not knowing how to break free from a negative situation in her work to now where she has left her work on incredibly good terms and stepped into her purpose.

My own story of stepping into a new thing, towards the purpose I felt God had for me, has given me a relationship with Him on higher levels than I could have imagined.  My connection with Him, which is ever growing, is something I would not have got to if I had stayed in my safe zone and not pursued my purpose and stepped into it.

Sometimes we don’t realise that we have reached a plateau. We may compare ourselves with others that have not got to where we are to make ourselves feel okay. The truth is with God there is always more. The way He created you, is to constantly grow and stretch you into deeper dependence on Him. Avoiding your safe zones is a great way to ensure you are growing into all that He made you to be.

Our Destiny Activator Coaching programme, is designed to help you see what the next level is for you. It will show you more of what the greater purpose God has for you and help you to step out of any safe zones into it! Find out more: https://destinycoachingministries.com/courses-and-workshops/


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  1. I’m reminded by your blog of a really good little book I read and re-read a few years ago….Bruce Wilkinson’s The Dream Giver. It’s all about stepping out of the safe zone & pursuing the dream given by the Dream Giver. It’s a story based book based on Moses’ life. It’s an easy book to read, but full of gems! Buy it to take on holiday!

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