6 Signs of Walking in Fullness of Destiny by Tina Southgate

shutterstock_551009674 flippedHow do I know I am walking in my destiny?

With all the years I have been leading people to come into full alignment with their destiny, I’ve found that the common questions that tend to be burning on people’s hearts are:

How do I know what my destiny or calling is?

How can I be sure I am walking in my destiny? How can I be sure I have got it right?

At Destiny Coaching we consider that most Christians understand the basics of our faith from The Bible, what to do and what not to do. So we concentrate on helping people to discover their own personal contexts of Biblical values. We look at personal passion and strengths, their spiritual journey and discerning of God’s seasons. We look at what, where, how and to whom they will live out their walk. Obviously we do this in complete alignment with the scriptures and never contradicting them.

The journey we take people on is an amazing one filled with ‘aha’ moments, deep heart awakening and transformation as they discover more of who they were created to be.

So, in the midst of all of this how can we know that we are walking in our destiny. I thought it would be helpful for me to outline some of the common signs I see when people find that sweet spot of fully operating in all they are called to.


The first very key sign that someone is walking in their destiny, is to see passion. Passion and purpose are close cousins.  Alignment with destiny means alignment with the areas you are most passionate about. This could be a hobby, a cause, a world issue that you see needs correcting, anger or grief you feel, excitement or drive you feel towards something or someone. In every person who is clearly walking in alignment with their destiny, I can spot passion. I use the word passion as it is a strong emotion and no matter the personality you will know when it shows up. Whether in a quiet person or an outspoken one, passion shows up unmistakably. If you believe passionately in what you are doing, it is a sign that you are on track.

Strength & Grace

When people are walking in what they are called to, they seem to have an almost super human strength. Have you noticed this? You wonder how they manage to do what they do. This is a sign, of alignment with destiny. There is an abundance of grace on you when you are walking in your calling. There is also anointing. You may not be aware of it. Spend some time reflecting on when you feel energised, when you feel you don’t need breaks, when you hear others express surprise at what you have achieved. Obviously, it is not common sense to continually overdo things. On a side note, quite often people waking in their destiny burn out because they are so energised and have so much grace that it’s hard for them to realise they are overdoing things.  Wisdom is needed here.


If you are walking in your calling there will be favour. Favour can look like so many different things. There will be favour with man, favour in being chosen, favour in finance. Generally, you will be able to see this. It’s a manifestation of the scripture:

Proverbs 18:16 (NKJ)

A man’s gift makes room for him, And brings him before great men.

In coaching people, this has been an area that some have felt disappointed by. I believe if favour hasn’t come to you yet, it can simply be a matter of timing and discerning the right seasons of walking in your calling. Favour not coming to you, can also be a slight misalignment of the where you are trying to walk out your calling.

Life becomes uncategorised

I love this one. For many years when I was not walking in the fullness of my calling, my work life and other life were very separate. Everything was nice and neatly categorised. Nowadays the lines have become so blurred, I have given up trying to keep them clean. If you are walking in what you love and are good at, people will draw on you for this all the time in the most unexpected places. Because of your passion you will shine and people will ask you questions and want to know more about what you do, in the gym, on a plane, at a party, wherever you go. Because you are enjoying what you do, it’s harder to classify things as work or play.

Peace and a deep sense of inner fulfillment

Whatever the circumstances, even if there is crisis or chaos, uncertainty or risks, when you are walking in your calling it’s almost like you don’t really notice these. Deep down inside you know you are in the right place at the right time and you feel covered by the grace of God. You desire more, but at the same time you have a deep sense of contentment. You have a vision but also contentment that if you should die in this moment you have fulfilled something of the purpose you were created for. This feels peaceful and deeply satisfying.

Wisdom on seasons

People walking in their fullness of their calling, know and understand about seasons. I have noticed that as I have journeyed more into my calling, God has grown my discernment over seasons. The Lord continues to show me more about what he is doing and why, He increases my revelation of what is right to progress forward in and what is not for now. From a place of security in my identity as His daughter and security of knowing I am walking in what He has called me to, I have a very long term eternal view on how things will come about. Pursuing the parts of my vison that God is bringing to the forefront in this season adds to my overall sense of peace and being in the right place at the right time.

None of us are fully there yet, but all of us can expect to experience at least these 6 things.

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Written by Tina Southgate, Founder Destiny Coaching Ministries

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