Do It Again

shutterstock_216335914Something that’s been on my heart this year has been the whole area of truly completely and wholly stewarding our personal testimonies of what God has done for us. Every time I read Psalms it talks about what God has done. The scriptures are full of repeats or action replays, talking about the amazing wondrous miracles that God performed, not just recent miracles but many books of the Bible speak of miracles that happened years and years before in previous generations.

Forgetting what God has done, in the case of the Israelites led to them walking away from following God.

Committing our time, our memory and our words to sharing what God has done, helps us to continue to be thankful, to keep filled with faith and to continue to be in awe of His power and loving nature. Most importantly it releases life and power for God to do it again. Remembering and sharing our testimony is an invaluable key given to us for overcoming (Revelation 12:11) – And they have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony.

I can’t help feeling that God likes us to boast about Him. Imagine overhearing a child talking about what you had done for them and how amazing it was. How it would it make you feel?

In just the same way our heavenly Father loves us to remember who He is and how He has changed our lives!

Our testimonies are precious jewels of immense value given to us to steward well.

Not only do they enable us to defeat the enemy and overcome, they also show us invaluable clues to our unique purposes.

Every breakthrough you have received in your life is an area where you can in turn release God’s power for breakthrough for someone else. You have access to your Father’s kingdom to bring this about again and again and again for someone else. Every mistake you have made, which God turned around, every time He rescued you from a difficult circumstance, is an area where you now hold keys to speak this into being in someone else’s life.

The power of both death and life is in your tongue (Prov 18:21). Speaking out your testimonies and believing for the same to happen to those who God brings to you, will release power for it to happen again. Sadly, speaking out negativity and unbelief also carries power and creates a different much less desirable outcome.

Which reality do you want to most be in touch with? Which future do you want to create?

The first one where God can repeat testimonies and add to them with more wonder and more testimony, because that is His nature. He tells us that the latter is always greater than the former (Haggai 2:9). Alternatively, do you want to create a future from a place of fear and ‘playing it safe’, considering all the things that could go wrong and cautiously progressing with fail safe plans in place.

Accessing more, stepping into experiencing supernatural experiences of God showing up and altering your circumstances beyond anything you could do, requires steps of faith. One first step to build your faith and attract the realm of miracles is to steward what you have already been given. Talk about what God has done for you. You being transformed by Him by knowing Him is one of the greatest miracles.

Seek out good news of what God has done. Talk about other people’s testimonies, especially the ones you’d like to see personally. See how you will attract the very same to happen to you.

How do we stop ourselves forgetting all that God has done for us personally?

In our team meetings we always spend the first part sharing good news and Testimonies. As a ministry our aim is to share as many testimonies as we can of how God transforms lives in those we serve. We do this so that by reading these you are encouraged to receive the same for your life.

I feel so strongly that this is an essential part of stewardship which enables us to receive more. As we share our testimonies again and again one with another, our faith is released for Him to do it again. The process of spending our valuable time sharing testimonies cultivates a culture of thankfulness. A culture where we value our God and don’t take Him for granted.

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  1. Great blog Tina and a great reminder to boast about our amazing Daddy and about what he has done for us!

  2. Amazingly what you have written is something my co-leader has on her heart. She wants to get people’s testimonies and write them in a book for posterity. For future generations. Not to be lost! We hope to generate some interest at the conference to start collecting testimonies with permission of course to write them up.

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