CASE STUDY: Small business owner discovers focus and purpose for his next season

Ryan SmerberCASE STUDY – Ryan Smerber

Ryan Smerber runs a small business in Redding California. Ryan came to the What Do I Do Next? Destiny Activation Coaching Workshop with the specific goal of clarifying where he wanted to be in twelve months’ time. Someone who likes to get straight to the point, Ryan pinpoints the key discoveries he made from the workshop.

Seeing life in context

“If you ask me to say in a sentence what the workshop gave me I’d say it ‘helped me see the whole picture like a jigsaw puzzle coming together.’  Some of the pieces were prophetic words and other pieces were the passions and desires on my heart. I took pieces from various parts of life and put them together to give me an overview of where I am at. It’s all part of working out my destiny. The workshop helped me understand the season I was in, and how to make the most of it. I understood that I was in a season of rest, and as Tina shared her own testimony about one of her own seasons of rest that helped me understand how I need to walk in this time.”

Facing up to barriers and overcoming them

“Tina took us through an exercise where we looked at our strengths and skills. This brought a real breakthrough moment for me. I realised that I could be successful taking on something new; – a new task, season, or even career – with the skills I already have. Even with a skill area that’s 50% of what it could be, that could be enough for what I want to do next.

I also faced up to some of my fears and my “chicken lines” as we called them – the biggest of which was public speaking. Just identifying this and, finding out what was behind this fear, brought down the anxiety levels, and I was able to feel that I could actually do this. I realised that I was a lot more confident speaking from the heart than speaking from a script. Tina really helped activate me by putting me on the line and giving me the chance to share this in front of the class. My nervousness level was as low as maybe 1%! I’ve now got a strategy for public speaking!”

Steps to moving forwards

“I like to work in a structured way, so having got a framework for my life I needed to take some active steps to move forwards. The workshop changed my mindset about how to do this. I saw that I had been trying to pack too much into too little time, which was like trying to take a month to do what I should be taking a year over. By working out where my priorities are, I’ve been able to decide where to focus my time. I’ve cut some things out of my schedule so now I’m not overloading myself. I’ve identified small steps to move me closer to my goals.”

Confidence to change

“The workshop gave me the confidence to pursue my next career goal, which is training to give investment advice. I know my destiny is to develop leaders wherever I go and saw that more clearly as I thought about my passions and desires. I haven’t got all the pieces in the jigsaw yet. I don’t know where exactly I’ll find these leaders, but I know they will be where my work takes me.”

A great experience

“What did I like about the workshop? It was all good! If there was something I remember most about the workshop it was thinking about my favourite place. Tina asked a great question about this which brought me to a place of self-discovery about my passions and desires. I’d recommend this class for anyone wanting to discover what to do in this, or their next season of life.”

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