shutterstock_150203732How could the act of speaking a thing that is not as if it is, move your forward beyond your wildest expectations?

It’s such a simple yet profound act, to open our mouth and speak the very things that feel exciting and scary or too big to even imagine, leave alone to say.

There is an amazing tangible shift in the atmosphere when I invite people that come to my coaching workshops, to speak out loud a commitment they are making, or to express something that they have discovered that is of immense importance to their heart.

Some people cry when they stand up and say out loud, a statement of their calling and purpose which I have helped them put together.

Over the past few years, I have seen how important it is to get clients to speak out what we discover in coaching. They find words to articulate and put detail to their vision and calling. The words bring it alive. A vague, too good to be true thought turns into reality, with all the associated emotions; doubt, fear, disbelief, excitement, anticipation.

The day something is spoken out loud, something changes. This act of  proclaiming a thing, even if it is not yet, is a strong Biblical principle. The Bible and science both show us that words have incredible power, the power of life and death in fact (Prov 18:21).

Romans 8, says that we are saved by confessing with our mouth, that Jesus is Lord.  A great example of us needing to actually speak out loud to receive our salvation. In the incidence of the valley of dry bones (Ezekiel 37: 1-14), God led Ezekiel to literally speak dead dry bones into living walking people. Wow, what an example of the power of speaking!

Merely thinking isn’t enough to create change or to get a breakthrough to the next level. Speaking out vision that is a little way out there, is not normal in most of our cultures, especially in the UK. We tend not to want to risk speaking out our ideas or big impossible dreams. Sometimes this reticence is because we fear our ideas being ridiculed or stolen. The truth is that risking speaking these things out to those we trust, or even to ourselves when we are alone, is powerful! In a way, our mouths have been metaphorically ‘muzzled’ by our culture, discouraging such outbursts of faith or excitement!

Yet, God created the earth. How? By speaking it into existence!

There is evidence that words affect the behaviour of plants and objects. Experiments done have shown how food decays ten times faster when negative words are spoken over it compared to positive words. The chemistry of water and the nutrients it carries are affected positively or negatively with words. Neuroscience shows that speaking positive or negative words changes your physiology accordingly. Worshipping God takes your body, mind and Spirit onto a higher frequency and actually does your body good. Holding back from using your words to benefit your health and create good things on this earth stops you being fully you. It holds back the full positive impact you can have on the world!

So, to speak life we must speak! We must speak out how we want it to be better, not what currently is not good. We must speak what we want to come into existence, not what doesn’t exist and should. This requires us to think positively and start to imagine how we actually want the world to be. It calls us to a higher place in our thinking of creativity. We start creating our reality rather than re-acting to it. Let’s try it now:

Create declarations around your health right now.  What would you like it to be in one year?  Make one or more declarations to describe what your ideal goal would be.


I will be fit enough to walk 4 miles in one hour.

I will be fit enough to go to the gym 3 times a week, effortlessly maintaining and improving my fitness week by week

I will be my ideal weight.

My mental and physical energy will be the best it can be.


Now turn your future declarations into the present tense by speaking them as if they already are:


I am fit enough to walk 4 miles in one hour.

I am fit enough to go to the gym 3 times a week, effortlessly maintaining and improving my fitness week by week.

I am my ideal weight.

My mental and physical energy is the best it can be.


You can do the same with relationship goals, career goals, spiritual goals or any goals or vision.

Now try saying the present declarations once a day for a week, perhaps in front of the mirror.   Notice at the end of the week what has changed? Ask yourself: What life has your words created on your goals?

Declarations are a part of how we coach people. They are also a way of praying which helps you step into the authority you have as a child of God. Your father created you by speaking, so you can create things this way too. Just speak!


Try out one of our Destiny Activator Programmes, to help you create powerful declarations over you becoming all you were created to be!


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