Finding your internal warrior, stepping into the fullness

Are you in touch with your internal warrior?

Do you feel like a warrior, ready and prepped to do battle, confident that with God’s help you can conquer anything and everything?

When we step fully into our full capacity to be courageous and fearless, we don’t need to be fearful of whatever the current crisis is in the world. We don’t need to be held back from pursuing great things that are part of our purpose.

Let’s look at how we can move away from fear and insecurities and towards confidence, vision, faith and trust.

The Letting Go Phase

Firstly, moving into full courage and fearlessness means letting go.

This could mean letting go of mindsets that we have had for a long time. It could mean letting go of a place, job or position where we are recognised or have a high level of skill, or even a relationship that we have had to let go of.

Invariably old established patterns and places feel familiar, comfortable, safe and secure. When we want to move into something new, we have to let the old path go and take a risk on a new unknown way. We can’t step into something new without stepping away from something old.

To move away from our familiar, well-worn path, our established thinking our automatic routine, will take effort. We are going to have to teach our brain to think differently. We will have to forge new thinking patterns. Doing this, just like starting a new exercise regime at the gym or a new diet, takes time and determination.

You may not consider yourself capable of too much change. You may feel it’s too difficult, too much hard work. It is hard work, but totally worth it! It’s about learning to step into fullness of joy, peace and hope. We can enjoy this fullness and freedom which Christ died for all of us to step into, if we do our part of renewing our mind and focussing it into a healthy direction.

To live fearlessly and to be able to step into new adventures, we need to adopt a risk taker mindset, that lives in faith, trust and hope in God, despite the circumstances.

We need to develop a mindset that knows how to think positive thoughts and recall helpful information, whilst rejecting unhelpful faith diminishing information.

We need to feed the warrior in us, not the worrier! When we become experts at this, we start to enjoy fuller freedom and boldness.

How to find your inner warrior

The truth is you have already fought many battles and won. You’ve felt fear and conquered it. You’ve forged new pathways, undertaken new ventures and taken risks. You’ve not known how things will turn out but had a go anyway. You are a winner.

You are an expert in living like this already!

You’ve done this before! It’s all within you.

You’ve stepped into new, uncomfortable, unfamiliar things many many times before.

You are a practiced risk taker. You have already figured out how to face your fears head on and conquer them.

The problem is most of us forget our story, our testimony of wins. We can lose touch with our inner warrior, who takes on battles feeling fear but doing it any way. When we were younger, we were more in touch with this part of ourselves. We would have found it easier to take risks and conquer fear.

Mostly we don’t know how to apply those mindsets and skills to conquering fears that we may have today.

Coaching yourself to do this will help you find greater confidence. It will help you take big and scary steps into your next level of destiny.

So, are you ready to connect more deeply to this invaluable part of you, reduce your fear and connect with God?

The ‘Power of Your Testimony as the Spirit of Prophecy’ Coaching Exercise (based on Rev 19:10) 

STEP 1 – Find the fearless path.

Examine what it is you would do differently at this time in your life, if you had zero fear and were not in any way worried about risk. If you truly believed that God has your back.

STEP 2 – Recall your testimony.

Remember the younger, more confident, you. Take yourself back to times when you were fearless. Times when you took risks, tried new things. Times when you felt invincible. Pick an example of a risk you took, that resulted in something good. It should have been a scary step that you took overcoming fear, that resulted in you progressing in a good way; the day you started school, learning to drive, applying for your first job, applying for a job you were not experienced in or that would be unfamiliar, taking a chance on a relationship, taking on a mortgage, putting yourself ‘out there’ in some way.

You have done more than one of these things and conquered fear multiple times. You may have forgotten this because the very things that you used to feel fearful about are now not scary at all.

Think about God’s part in this story. How did he show up for you? We tend to forget how we leaned on God and how he showed up for us.

Remember your fearless, courageous characteristics.  What fears did you have? How did you go about overcoming those fears? Who did you need to be then? What did your inner warrior look like? What type of warrior were you? What fearless and courageous characteristics did you have then?

STEP 3 – Apply your testimony.

Now think about how you can apply what you have discovered about your risk taking, fear conquering, warrior self to what you are facing now. You are the same person now that you were then, only stronger, wiser and more mature. What strategies to conquer fear did you use then that you can apply now?

How did God show up for you then? What confidence does this give you that he will show up for you now? What can you apply from then to help you step forward now?

God has not created any of us to have a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).  If you crave being released in some way you can be.

Do the exercise above, measure its affect and let us know how you get on!

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