How coaching with God helps in times of crisis

How coaching with God helps in times of crisis

I have learned that in times of crisis we all react differently. We all have different needs. We all have different solutions of what helps us in particular.

I love that as human beings we are complex and interesting! This is in fact the very reason I was attracted to coaching many years ago.

In times of crisis it’s quite normal that we may feel ill equipped to know how to help each other and/or how to help ourselves.

Before I was a coach, and before when I went through a particularly difficult season in my own life of losing multiple loved ones in a short period of time, I tended to freeze and not know what to say to help or encourage people in crisis. Now I have confidence and a ‘way of being’ in this space with people, that helps in all kinds of ways. This has been partly learned through experiencing personal tragedy myself, but mostly through being trained as a coach.

The beauty of the coaching process is that it never assumes that ‘one size fits all’, that one solution is suitable to help anyone in a crisis. It doesn’t provide a 3-step program to fix your crisis (thank goodness for that!).

In contrast, coaching facilitates an intensely personal and unique journey for each and every person, honouring their particular personality, their strengths and their wisdom.

It provides a myriad of ways of finding answers and solutions, not given by the coach, but expertly drawn from the person being coached. Coaches do not need to be experts in their client’s pain or process. They instead are experts in listening, in igniting a client’s own creativity and leading them towards a positive path which suits them best.

A coach facilitates a process which truly empowers a person to find their best way, to conquer their fears and to stand stronger than ever. People end up feeling loved, believed in, valued, understood, deeply seen and most importantly fully emboldened to put their ‘best foot’ forward to get their breakthroughs.  

Now imagine God being invited into this deeply personal journey. The results can be off the scale. By this I mean He brings levels of acceleration that are totally unexpected, He pinpoints and directs with wisdom that’s beyond human wisdom, He connects with people in a language they understand which touches their heart deeply and ignites new thoughts, ideas and revelation.

Coaching with God opens us up to hear from Him, even if we haven’t been able to before. It opens up new ways of hearing Him, if we already connect with Him well.

Coaching with God in times of crisis helps us in so many ways. It helps us re-focus unhelpful thinking to healthy thinking, to be affirmed, encouraged, to gain understanding of the season and God’s bigger purposes at play.  

Destiny Coaching – the basics on how it works

An important step to start to receive the benefit of destiny coaching with God is to learn to ask powerful questions, to yourself, to God and to others. Jesus did this.

Asking yourself powerful questions unlocks deeper insight and awareness of your own heart. Powerful questions directed to God, opens up powerful insight from Him.  

Without asking the big questions, we don’t discover much, we don’t process much, we don’t grow much. Big questions help us to find big answers.

Destiny coaching provides a whole coaching model with a framework which trains people how to ask questions that powerfully unlock breakthrough and connection to God.

Let’s look at some basic steps we can use in times of crisis.

Step 1 – Learning to be in the moment and listen

Learning the discipline of coaching has taught me to be able to just ‘be’ with people, to listen, to help them process their feelings and to not need to fix them or solve anything.

Sometimes in life that is exactly what we need most, just for someone to be brave enough to just be there with us. The fact is that there are many things we cannot solve or fix. Learning the skill of just ‘being’, of loving ourselves and others in this way, simply listening is gold in times of crisis.

The destiny coaching approach helps people in time of crisis especially as it provides tools that reach deeper in at a heart level, giving space for people to process emotions. It also provides a framework which helps people to process what is being formed in their very identity, and how this affects their purpose.

Step 2 – Encountering God

After listening deeply to our own hearts, we can coach an encounter to hear from God for ourselves and for others.

Hearing from God afresh, in a crisis, is not only deeply encouraging and strengthening, I would like to say it is vital!

We know that our maker, Father God knows each and every one of us, and understands the complexities of each of our needs. These needs may be practical, emotional or spiritual. Who better could there be to go to for insight, revelation, answers and even just affirmation when we need it most?  

Connecting with God using powerful questions goes beyond helpful, it actually transforms us.

It brings us very quickly, often in just minutes, to a place of new revelation, a complete perspective shift. It helps us to make necessary mindset shifts. This in turn usually leads to circumstances changing, for example, doors of opportunity suddenly opening, and an acceleration of what God is forming in us.

COACHING EXERCISE – Coaching with God powerful questions for times of crisis

Whether you are a coach or not, indulge yourself with a little time to coach yourself, then connect with God, with these powerful questions. It will ignite your faith. It will connect you with the heart of God and it will help you understand your very purpose.

First ask yourself the question, then ask God the same question.

What positive characteristics are maturing in me from the tensions of this crisis?


What are my personal pressure points in this crisis? How is God using this pressure I feel to create something beautiful in me and my life?  


What will never be the same in me afterwards?


How does this personal and spiritual growth propel me forward in my purpose?


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