3 coaching strategies to shift your beliefs and change your circumstances!

So many times we fall into the trap of believing we have no choice.
So many times we believe our circumstances are unchangeable…….when increasing our faith and changing our beliefs can cause everything to change.

(If you are someone that has just experienced great tragedy, or is currently unwell or experiencing a family member that is sick; we are not in anyway suggesting you have caused your circumstance. This article is meant to look at instances where we can change things and to explore more of what God has available for us in all circumstances)

No matter what the circumstances are, we get to choose how we react to them.

We decide what we believe, about God, ourselves, others and the world.
These beliefs affect our actions which in turn affects outcomes.
If we constantly believe we will fail; chances are we will act accordingly and will fail!
Changing our beliefs will change our outcomes!
Coaching shifts our beliefs, positively. 
It shifts limiting beliefs to positive and empowering beliefs.
When our beliefs are shifted in this way, our actions change positively and we get better outcomes.
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3 key coaching strategies to change our beliefs, increase our faith and change unwanted circumstances:


Be prepared to acknowledge that you have limiting beliefs that are holding you back! These beliefs are going to be almost impossible for you to shift by yourself, as to you, they are completely normal ways of thinking. You most probably won’t be able to recognise the limiting beliefs you have. 

You can, be on the lookout for phrases you say, or thoughts you think that insinuate negative outcomes are most likely. For example like; ‘there is no way out’, ‘it’s impossible’, ‘it’s too hard?’ Anything that frames a circumstance up in a negative way, or in a way that makes it seem difficult, may indicate an underlying limiting belief you have.


Once you have humbled yourself to realise you have limiting beliefs, and you have begun to become more aware of these, don’t stop there! It’s time to completely flush them out and get rid of them. It’s detox time!
Doing this is going to mean radical breakthrough! You could end up finally changing up your job, your career, your relationship status, your financial circumstance, and breaking free from any ‘stuckness’ you’ve experienced in following the dreams of your heart.

Write your limiting beliefs down.
Prayerfully ask God to show you more about them. How did this limiting belief get there? What lie am I believing? What experience embedded this in me? What other dark and unhelpful limiting beliefs lie close to the ones I’ve discovered?

COACHING STRATEGY 3 – Get God’s Perspective

For each belief, ask God what He would like you to believe.
Then, ask God and/or a willing positive thinking friend to help you come up with an empowering belief for each of your limiting beliefs. This is hard work. It won’t be achieved in a day. BUT IT’S WELL WORTH IT! 

Maybe employ a Destiny Coach, to help you work through and reverse your limiting beliefs.
Christian Coaching
In Conclusion
Christian Coaching
Limiting beliefs are blind spots that we all have. They affect what happens in our lives.

A huge benefit in coaching yourself to increase awareness of these limiting beliefs, is to then start work on changing them to empowering beliefs.

The Co-Creative Destiny Coaching approach, allows limiting beliefs to come to the surface because it pushes boundaries and calls people forth into imagining more for themselves and their lives.

Learning the Co-Creative Destiny Coaching approach, gives you skills and a framework to uncover limiting beliefs, increasing your own awareness and the awareness of others. It also gives you a framework to connect with God in this process.

To learn how to empower yourself and others, uncovering limiting beliefs and dealing with them, check out Certificates in Co-Creative Transformational Coaching

To receive Destiny Coaching, check out the Destiny Activator Program available online, via live sessions.
Written by Tina Southgate, Founder, Destiny Coaching Ministries


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