Destiny Activation Tips for Quick Wins

There are all kinds of people and just as many destinies and callings. Each and everyone has a special, unique calling and purpose that only they can fulfil in the way that only they can.

How can you be sure of what your personal and unique purpose is?

And how can you ensure you are activated into the fullness of this purpose?

Here is a simple way of tracking where you are at. You can use this to decide where you can put effort into to help you step further into your unique destiny and calling.

Let’s simplify the journey. Let’s imagine there are three stages to finding and fulfilling your calling.

Stage 1 – Clarification

Stage 2 – Passion

Stage 3 – Activation

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Here’s how to identify which stage you are at and how to progress yourself further where ever you are.

Stage 1 – Clarification of purpose

How much clarity do you have?

Are you confident about what you are and are not meant to achieve in your lifetime?

You will have some level of clarity here. Answer this question: What I know I want to use my life for is…………

To gain more clarity:


What is it I would thrive in? What is something I could do which would energise me and I would even do if I didn’t get paid.

Who would I like to impact while I am doing this?

What impact would be too good to be true if I did do this most of the time?

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Stage 2 – Passion

How passionate do you feel in what you are pursing?

To measure yourself, ask yourself if I didn’t do this, how upset would I feel?

How much energy do you feel thinking about doing it? (If you don’t feel much energy or excitement, you haven’t tapped into what you are truly passionate about…..Or your passion could have been qwelled by limiing beleifs, that make you feel it is not worth pursuing because it is not possible or might fail)

To find more passion


What could I be passionate about for the rest of my life, and not ever get bored or burnt out with?

What am I interested in enough to devote all my energy into, if I had that opportunity?

What would I invest time, money and resources in, if I had the choice?

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Stage 3 – Activation

How much of what you have explored above are you actually doing or working towards?

How much of your time, your thoughts and your energy is actually going into this?

If the answer is zero you are yet to be activated? Depending on how high the percentage of time is that you are spending on it gives you a clue as to how activated you are currently are in your purpose.

To become more activated


What may be stopping me from actually doing what I know I want to?

What is the one change that would activate me to the next level into this?  (Or activate me to get started if I have not yet?)

What action steps can I commit to, today, this next month and this year, to get activated into this?

Pursuing your unique and special calling is well worth the effort and any risks you have to take along the way. You will regret not trying far more than trying at the end of your life.

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