Why does your voice matter so much?

I spoke to a friend returning from an amazing conference in the USA. I asked her, when she landed in London, how was the atmosphere in London different to that of where she had just been.

She said it was like everyone was walking around with masks over their mouths, as if they were silenced.

What a poignant picture! Completely the opposite of living in freedom. Yet, this is something I see all too regularly with many people I coach.

A huge part of coaching people to know and walk in the fullness of their calling is helping them to find and release their voice, their messages that they are carrying for the world.

We all have wisdom that is developed from our experience including our journey with God.

A key part of us having the greatest impact on the world is to discover and release our powerful wisdom.

We call this wisdom our ‘life messages’. We all have these powerful messages inside of us that have the ability to bring people hope, freedom and life.

What are your powerful life messages?

1 – They will include, your testimony of things that you have overcome in your life.

This message carries hope and life to others who have not yet overcome. Those that hear it, will gain encouragement and belief of what is possible.

Most of us forget things we have overcome. We forget our struggle, the fear we had, how we may have learnt new skills or character to help us overcome. There is advantage, in remembering what it was like when we had not yet overcome. These stories of our courage, perseverance and strength are powerful. These stories are powerful not only to others but to us to help us remember who we are and what is possible.

2 – Your messages are also your testimony of who God has been to you and how He has showed up for you.

It will include how you have experienced His love specifically through provision, affirmation, guidance, opportunities and all the other ways He has journeyed with you.

How you and God have journeyed specifically is a powerful message. It is a unique journey that will not look like anyone else’s.  Your relationship with Him is unique. When you share this journey, you let the world know more of who He is. The world wants to know this! It builds faith in what is possible. You help the world understand more of the height and breadth of God’s love. This inspires others relationship with Him.

3 – Your messages also includes testimony of ‘goodness’ in the world.

How neighbours, friends, family and your spouse have positively impacted your life, how they have given of themselves out of love and care.

Hearing positive stories about humanity and relationships restores our hope. It heals wounds from hurts and disappointments helping those who need to, to believe that ‘goodness’ exists.

4 – Lastly, your messages include your distilled wisdom through all your life experiences.

When you look at what events in your life have shaped you and made you who you are today, you will find wisdom that you carry that is priceless. Think about what you have learnt to be true about life, God and people from these events. What positive wisdom would you like to leave the world to make it better place from your experiences?

The world needs to hear your story!

One of your major contributions to impact the world in a positive way is to truly find your voice to tell the world your story, your key messages of wisdom, what you have found to be of profound use in living life, relating to God and others.

You are wired for this. When you release your voice, you get a feeling of immense satisfaction and purpose. When you live free to own your messages and release them, you live free to fully live your purpose.

Unfortunately, many of us do not believe that our testimony, and our wisdom is of value.

The kind of things I hear when coaching these from people are:

But who would want to hear this?

It’s not a unique message, loads of people would say the same

I’m not really a confident person

I am not good with words

I can’t speak, write, be on video, etc etc

I’m still working on understanding this truth

I can’t understand how my message can have a big impact

People will laugh at me

The truth is:

Many people both want and need to hear your story and your wisdom! It will help them beyond what you can imagine.

Your message is unique to you. It is unique because it is born from your experience which is unique to you. It is unique because the way you process and deal with things is different to any other person. It’s unique because your voice carries a frequency that no one else’s does! A frequency that those who need it will be drawn to

Don’t worry about being an expert. Speak from your heart. People most want to hear from our hearts. They want authenticity over ‘polish’ and highly practiced speeches

You don’t have to know all the answers for your message to carry strength, hope, truth and for it to impact people profoundly.

The most powerful messages are those that are being formed and are shared in humility without the person professing to know all the answers.

People follow real people not perfect people.

No matter how your story is received. Whether some mock or scorn it, many will learn from it. They will grow and be changed forever from it. Don’t let foolish thoughts from your inner critic or people that don’t honour you, silence you. Work on being free to impact others with your story.

Here is a challenge to get your started:

  1. Think about an experience in your life where you have grown in character or skill or faith. Document what you see your growth to be.
  2. Spend time thanking God for His part and celebrating what the growth is.
  3. If others played a part in your growth, take time to acknowledge their part and thank them.
  4. Finally, consider what positive messages you can take away from this experience to bring hope to the world of what is possible.  

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