IMG_6109 low resAlong the journey to changing the world, fulfilling a big vision, there are seasons where the Lord regroups us.

This is a season I am going through now! He is regrouping me and enlarging my vision again in this place.

I shouldn’t be surprised really as someone (a well-known prophet, in fact) spoke this over me earlier this year. Funny how even when God speaks to us, what He says will happen can still surprise us!

I have discovered that regrouping seasons are not particularly easy! Regrouping means times of being out of ‘the battle’, meditating on what has happened, processing emotions and heart shifts. They are times of changing your perspective, allowing yourself to face truths, no matter how good or difficult. I find myself celebrating what has happened, as well as acknowledging has not happened yet. Regrouping, I’ve found, involves re-sorting and organising things in a different way, bringing about changes that bring more balance and alignment.

Regrouping seasons are essential!

You can reflect on bigger lifegoals and assess which ones to keep and prioritise alongside which goals have lost their place in your hearts desires and need to be let go of.

The Bible says – Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37: 4). As we delight ourselves in the Lord, notice how He changes the desires of your heart. Sometimes goals lose their meaning and need to be dropped as God reshapes our hearts. This is one way He guides us. So, taking notice of what is changing is helpful and important.

What I love about these regrouping seasons are that they give me a new depth of understanding about myself, my identity, my assignment and my relationship with God.

Here are some of the truths I thought I’d share with you about I am learning and pondering at this time:


My convergent role is not what I thought it was, it is constantly shifting and things I have done may not be what I will do in the future. God is training me for a future role that is still a little unclear in terms of precise practical function but becoming clearer in its purpose and spiritual function. There is always a future role that is yet unknown. What do you think God is training you for now?


My identity is in The Lord and there are so many layers and levels to understand this deeper! The underlying depth of understanding of my identity comes from experiencing the depth of His grace, His love and favour for me. There are some areas I am 110% confident of His love and other areas I do not have the same confidence. I found this out by prayerfully listing areas I am very confident to trust Him in and areas I am not. Try making this list yourself it’s so helpful to understand specific areas you need to learn to trust Him more in. He helps you grow in trust in those areas, understanding more of your sonship, if you ask him. It’s a win win!

Life Messages

Life messages are those messages we are carrying for the world that we have special anointing on because they are uniquely born from our experience and relationship with God. During this regrouping season my key life messages are becoming clearer and more formedin me. This is a deep process difficult to explain in words. Ask yourself, what are you passionate about the world knowing. Ask God to show you how He is formingthose messages in you in the season you are in now.


I find myself allowing my heart to rest and exploring again where my deepest passion is. Which battles do I want to engage with now? Which territories has God given me to possess for his kingdom? Where is the focus now? Who am I most drawn to bring the transformative change I know God has given me authority for?


I’ve learnt not to take my eyes off territories that are available for me. They are still available. I am learning to keep dreaming and taking ground, however slow, to stay consistent and not take my eyes off the prize. What territory am I going to take in my lifetime and who am I raising up to look after it after me? Ask yourself this question. A territory could mean a realm of society, an actual geographical territory or an area you see the enemy rife in that you have set your heart on to take back for God.


God is my provider. He always has been and always will be. No amount of worry or hard work or thinking that I am the one that controls this takes away from the fact that God has all that I need, and my best efforts to provide for myself cannot compare to what he wants for me. Nuff said!  What does it look like to give Him back the reigns?


No amount of success in achieving my vision is worth sacrificing relationships. They are part of my vision. Learning to love and be loved well is ultimately the mission! How do I live in a place of always being available to deep, authentic relationship with family, friends and most of all God? How do I ensure I am always deepening, never stagnating these key relationships?

Let’s re-group and set out again stronger, more purposeful and aligned!


  1. Thanks Tina for this! very helpful and I also thought a territory could also be a personal territory within our own lives that we are taking back from the enemy!

  2. Regrouping involves laying aside weights once used to train us, but now would trip us if we continue to carry what is passing away rather than pursuing the high call where we see temporal things through the eyes of eternity. This may look like dormancy in some measure, however, course recalibration and powerful grace steer us into the eye of the needle.

  3. Thanks Tina Affirmation, so helpful. Regrouping and moving on purposefully and stronger.

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