CASE STUDY: Identity and Calling

 Biz Butlin main editBiz Butlin has a background in church leadership, youth ministry and schools work. She came to the 2 day Destiny Activator Coaching Workshop as a result of a prompt from God after hearing about it from a friend. She had never done a coaching course and had no idea what it would entail.

 Space to Question

 When asked about her experience of the workshop, Biz responded “Without question it was just amazing. It gave me the space for God to speak to me. It gave me the right questions which might have seemed obvious but I hadn’t asked those questions. I had not had the space and time to investigate what I am passionate about and the things which really bring me alive.” She continues “I also made some amazing contacts there and just felt like God had put the group of people together.”

Identity and Calling

Biz continues “From arriving at the venue and the prophetic word in the opening prayer, God began confirming what he’d already spoken to me in the previous weeks. He’d been talking to me about my identity and the call on my life but I wasn’t sure what it all really meant or how to get from where I was to where I needed to be. At the workshop, one exercise was to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal more about what he had for me. Instantly, Holy Spirit and Jesus were connecting with me and talking to me so clearly, underlining my identity and confirming my call! Tina made me stand on my chair and speak it out over the nation, powerfully activating the word God had spoken.”

 Tools to Shape Steps

Biz continues “The workshop facilitated that process of asking questions. I was helping others on their journey which also helped me. The coaching exercises helped me put ‘meat on the bones, providing really helpful tools helping me to know what to do. For example, how to make a plan to move forward with clear steps. Of particular value was an exercise that identified practically how to get me where I wanted to be. The exercise showed me that I already had everything except for two things I needed. It gave me clarity about what I need and what I’m missing. It provided me with more self awareness, helping me identify fears that held me back and the steps needed to overcome them.”

 “I discovered I don’t need to be stuck, I don’t need to wait”

Biz left the workshop with steps to commit to and actions to take in response to what God was saying. It led to a major life change. “By the time the following summer came, I’d bizbutlineditresigned from my job in school. This was a huge step of faith because husband was not working, but God was saying ‘You’ve got to trust me. The day after I resigned, Steve got a job.”

A Really Powerful Couple of Days

Biz concludes that this was; “A really powerful couple of days in my life … I wouldn’t have believed that a workshop could turn me around as much as it did! I believe that finding the one thing that really resonates and that you’re passionate about and having a plan to work towards it with the Lord into the call on your life is really important. The workshop gave the focus to make a plan and be intentional about that plan. I left with a sense of confidence and affirmation that is what He’s put in me and that I can do it.”

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