Coaching with God to be Ready for Big Change

Change is in the air

People are crying out for change

Hearts are more open for big change than they have ever been before.

People are searching. Many of us feel a deep yearning, and know we want change but are not absolutely sure of what it is we want.

God has been preparing many of us for this time. It’s a time when we will finally work out that He has the answers and He has a vision for what can be….. which is something beyond anything that we can imagine.

Prophetic dreams in the night are on the increase.

People are receiving new vision. People are open to see things differently, to try things differently, and to be different.

People are feeling more and more courageous.

What does the idea of big change make you feel?

Navigating through change is not always easy. It can be exciting, full of hope and promise, but experiencing big change is also challenging.
Coaching is the best change management tool to make transition more fun and less stressful!

Both being coached and learning to coach, helps us embrace powerful coaching questions which open up fixed mindsets, challenge the status quo and set us up for success.

Being aware of where our perceptions of truth are not aligned to heaven’s truth, is key. We can’t move our mindsets forward without knowing which ones are holding us back. Coaching brings limiting mindsets and beliefs to the surface. We all have these! No one is immune. Once we know what these are we can work on shifting them, with God’s help!

The invitation to us in this season is to start Co-Creating a different future with God. Destiny Coaching’s Co-Creative coaching model helps us to craft a vision of what a different future can look like, with God’s help! It takes us into our best space of creativity, aliveness and alignment with the many possibilities that God is presenting to us. It helps us find the place where our hearts resonate and align with the heartbeat of God. Seeing a different future helps us to begin to transition there.

If you dare CLICK HERE …….for 4 powerful coaching questions to ask yourself and God, to get you ready for big change

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