Coaching The New Normal

Are you ready for the new normal?

An enthusiastic coach said to me a few months ago, that he believed at some point in the future everyone will know how to coach, and then we (professional coaches), will be out of a job!

Teehee! What a world that will be!

The bigger picture is that coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world right now. It’s recognised to be a discipline that is so needed in our modern world by everyone is some way shape or form.

Here are some new ‘normals’ in our world which have contributed to the explosion in interest in coaching, and why;

Massive changes in the world of work

We have no idea what 75% of the children we are educating today in school, will actually do as work.

Most of the jobs they will do, don’t yet exist!

What is the best we can do for them and others who are in the world of work? The answer is to coach them using the Co-Creative Coaching Model. By becoming clearer on our personal strengths, our passion and having our incredible creativity accessed and drawn out of us, we become confident and adaptable and can prepare for the ever-changing world of work.

At a high level, strengths, values, and passion won’t change. Coaching helps us to know what these are and learn how to adapt them to different roles and the changing workplace. Being coached through launching and transitioning each and every time it’s needed, gives us vision, focus, confidence and adaptability. These are true factors for success that we all need.

Explosion of online social media platforms

In the last decade the use of social media platforms has exploded.

People as young as 10 and as old as in their 80’s are learning to express themselves and share their lives on social media.

Along with a completely new medium of communication and social interaction comes challenges. People want to learn how to express themselves both well and build what’s become known as a ‘personal brand’. The process of developing your personal brand and the messages you want to convey to the world on these social media platforms is ideally developed and honed through personal coaching.

Co-Creative Coaching (Destiny Coaching’s own unique model), helps a person to identify key life messages they carry and in what ways they will have most impact bringing these to the world.

Ongoing unrest

The Bible tell us that there will be wars and rumours of wars. Most of us have experienced this throughout our lives.

The unrest around the world, politically and economically alongside wars, can be disconcerting.

Co-Creative Coaching helps us to hear from God directly and gain His wisdom and agenda on our current season. Knowing we are in the will of God and leaning into His agenda is a great comfort and brings peace in our hearts as well as practical focus to our days.

Unprecedented cultural shifts

With the emergence of the WOKE movement, ‘cancel culture’, LGBTQ etc agendas, a change in education, global working, working virtually online, pandemics, significant technological shifts and so much more, most will agree that the word ‘unprecedented’ has become a word we have gotten used to hearing in the news!

These changes present challenges to those of us coming from a completely different world. It also presents different challenges to those of us growing up in this world. When it comes to making sense of our faith and deciding how to live, how to work and how to ‘show-up’ amid all of this, it is challenging!

Co-Creative Coaching enables us to become crystal clear on our personal expression of our core values, those that relate to our faith, and those that are just part of us. The coaching helps us find our own new language to stay relevant in our culture, whilst at the same time standing strong in what we know to be our values.

Hearing from God personally has never been so vital. This is something we can all do, and can be led through Co-Creative Coaching to experience on deeper levels than we previously thought possible.

Being coached through purpose and identity clarification tools based on the Bible, is also more relevant now than ever before, as it helps us to find our niche amid all the changes and to stay focussed accordingly, fully operating in our purpose.

What are you noticing is your new normal?

What would you most like to be coached through to get clarity on?

What is God saying about this season?

Bless you,

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