Coaching Your Breakthrough Using Declarations

Did you know that you can speak and think positive changes into your future? 

A very important Biblical, kingdom principle which we integrate powerfully into the way we coach the Co-Creative Coaching Model is to use declarations.

The tongue has the power of life and death,…..Proverbs 18:21 (NIV)




What you say can preserve life or destroy it; so you must accept the consequences of your words. Proverbs 18:12 (Good News Translation)



Declaring or even writing out words that bring life to the areas where we desire the most breakthrough is life changing!


Words have power. What we hear affects what we think. We can coach ourselves into positive Biblical thinking based on Biblical promises. 


Neuroscientists teach that the actual chemistry and shape of our brain changes according to whether we think positive thoughts or negative thoughts.


So, as a coach, get those you coach to declare positive life giving revelations that God gives them often, whilst being coached.


As a child of God, declare what you need and what you want, each day, each week, calling forth the promises of God that are not yet manifested on earth as if they are. God created the whole world by speaking.  Your words have power to create new realities.


Here are a bunch of ready made declarations to shift your thinking, to increase your faith and to change your reality around money, your capabilities, overwhelm, isolation, health, confidence, and the future.

Christian Coaching



The Lord is my provider

The Lord is a generous provider who always provides me with more than enough

The Lord blesses the work of my hands

The Lord creatively solves all my financial needs

The Lord raises me up to be victorious over finances

The Lord grows my investments, making them hugely profitable

The Lord allows me to be prosperous by doing the work I was made to do


The Lord gives me amazing strategies for………(insert what you need here)

The Lord grows my capabilities exponentially

My gifts and talents, attract favour into my life

It’s easy to ……….attract new clients, learn, get this promotion, etc (insert what you need here)

My brain is clear and fast thinking, connected to the mind of Christ


The Lord strengthens me daily

The Lord gives me abundant mental, spiritual and physical energy

The Lord restores my passion for what is before me

The Lord restores and grows my vision


The Lord provides ALL of my needs,including family, and community to journey through life with

The Lord connects me to my tribe

I am not alone, I am in the company of many angels, many witnesses and the Lord Himself everyday

I have family and friends who love me greatly

People love spending time with me


My health is restored everyday

The Lord heals my disease and blesses me with divine health

The Lord gives me grace everyday to achieve and maintain my ideal weight

The Lord gives me grace to initiate and maintain good healthy levels of exercise

The Lord makes exercise fun!

The Lord makes eating super healthy, lots of fun

The Lord improves the health of my……. spouse, aunt, uncle, grand parent, child (as needed)


What I carry is of incredible value for the world

The Lords plans for my life succeed, always

Whether people can see or appreciate my anointing, or not, it’s powerful, transforming and impactful

I was born to change the world for the better

God’s design for my life includes me using my strengths and talents, to reach my fullest potential in the areas that I am passionate about

In God’s timing, I will reach my full potential on earth, as I actively pursue my destiny

The encouraging words and promises spoken over my life will be fulfilled


My life is full of rest and purpose

Financial security and prosperity is God’s blessing over my life

My latter years are destined to be even more blessed than my former years

My journey and my loved ones journey to heaven will be blessed by God with peace

Everyday I spend on earth I walk in divine health and wellbeing


Notice all declarations are in the present tense, not future tense. Be bold and speak them out in the present tense, declaring what is not yet manifested as if it is. Your brain, your heart and your spirit will respond to this well. 

Be Blessed

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