Coaching Seasons Awareness

You may have heard people say ‘no season is ever wasted’. 

The truth is a season can be wasted if we don’t gain available learning from it. 

Coaching season awareness helps us gain all that we can from each and every circumstance and season.

God is always at work in us, no matter what. His desire is to complete the work He has started in us. The Destiny Coaching process coaches seasons awareness, which helps us to lean into what God is doing and what our current season is all about. 

This awareness is invaluable as it brings understanding to circumstances, it connects us to hope and it connects us to the learning opportunity we are being given to grow and prepare for what’s next.

Some powerful questions we can ask include: 

What is this season all about? 

What am I learning? 

What is God’s agenda for me? 

How am I being prepared?

We can also gain valuable learning from previous seasons we have gone through retrospectively by coaching ourselves through them.

Each and every season that has passed provides invaluable information for now and the future.

God does not waste anything. Whether it is hardship or happy times, there will be clues in our experience that point to what God has for us in the future. The journey to come into the fullness of our calling is a long one, and each and every season on that journey is an important one which has learning in it.

For example, areas here you have struggled or suffered and God has helped you and enabled you to overcome, often become the very areas that you in turn help others to navigate. If you have not experienced this, this is a season to come that you can start to prepare for by unpacking what you have gone through and asking God: 

How do you want to use this God for your Glory?

What does this suffering qualify me to do for you in the future?

Experiences you have had that are happy ones, provide clues of your strengths, the contexts in which you operate well and flourish. These experiences give you clues to your purpose, what you are created for.

To coach yourself to understand the significance of happier times for your future, ask yourself these questions:

What in my past has made me feel alive?

What have I enjoyed the most?

Why were these things great for me?

What of these things would I like to experience in the future?

How could I see positive outcomes like the ones from these past events repeated in the future?

What would be too good to be true?

If you dare to explore and believe, you will create a vision for a future that has many more of these kinds of times in it. God wants to work with you to bring these things about again.

You can ask Him:

Show me what these happy times indicate about my purpose and my future.

Show me what season I am in now towards these things happening again.

Show me what a future with me flourishing all the time, like I did then, looks like.

All the above gives you a start on coaching seasons awareness, and looking at not only the season you are in, but also past seasons and what they mean and how significant they are, who they have made you to be and how they play out in your future purpose.

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