Anne Marie has a paradigm shift in her approach to drama therapy work and her future

Anne Marie has a paradigm shift in her approach to drama therapy work and her future

In the context of being a drama therapist who works with people to bring healing from traumatic events, one day the Online Coach Training Leadership Development Program from Destiny Coaching caught Anne Marie’s attention and she decided to dive in.

The outcome of this training program was surprising to her, not only changing the way she works in her drama therapy work, but also giving her a whole new perspective on her future. All this as well as giving her a deeply transformative experience in her relationship with God.

From zero expectations to whole paradigm shifts

Ann-Marie began the program with zero expectations, not having any idea what Destiny coaching was about. By the end of the program, she had become part of a close-knit community all experiencing transformation together as they learnt.

Anne Marie found the format of the online program surprisingly engaging. She loved the peer to peer practice sessions. Being able to see a demonstration of the skills taught and then practice them with peers on the program.

This helped her learn effectively but also benefit from significantly from being coached herself. Alongside being trained to coach, Anne Marie also gained greater clarity and confidence in her own purpose and identity, becoming fully engaged in a highly resonant future vision for her life which she previously did not even entertain as a possible future.

The community aspect of the online program worked really well for Anne Marie, as even after the program was over, she has kept in touch regularly with fellow students to coach and be a part of living out the transformation they all experienced.

The program also greatly shifted Ann-Marie’s approach with people, both in her work and even with her family and friends.

 “Teaching me to see people as whole (instead of broken) was a revolutionary thought,” said Ann-Marie. This paradigm shift in thinking, has added a whole new dimension in her drama therapy work. Now for example, Anne Marie, gets clients to dream and with more of an emphasis on creating their future than before. Anne Marie is now equipped with many Destiny Tools to do this and more.

The identity coaching toolkit (included on the program), enabled her to bring a life-saving moment into a client’s life.  She recalled watching his tears of misery become tears of relief.  Even though the Destiny Coaching toolkit is Biblically based and teaches you how to include God in the coaching, Anne Marie found that it works with anyone, who may have a faith or who does not. On this occasion the client was not a Christian.

Anne Marie finds a new future

The teaching and coaching that Anne Marie received as part of the training program significantly impacted her. “I felt like my dreams had all dried up until you got me to dream again,” she said.

Finding a deeper revelation of her identity as a daughter of Christ helped her in many areas including releasing her into creating a big vision for her life. Anne Marie’s long forgotten dream of creating a refuge for broken people was awakened, expanded and activated!

She connected with God about this vision, and received amazing clarity through the coaching and hearing from Him.

“From the course, I realized that God wanted me to open this refuge for broken people. It is be a place where they can be refreshed. The program has helped this come to light and helped me identify how to achieve this,” said Ann-Marie.

Through being coached, Anne Marie realized that having a mentor was key. The Lord soon led her to a mentor who had years’ worth of experience running an NGO.

Through the whole coach training program, Ann-Marie gained clarity and confidence to pursue this vision and a much bigger purpose than she had understood previously.

She was also coached into facing insecurities that she had to work with senior leaders. After being coached in her identity and experiencing deeper connection with God, she now feels sure and confident to progress this. “It made realize my potential is a lot bigger than I thought it to be. It was life-changing,” she said.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Ann-Marie found a way to connect her head to her heart. Her experience in the program took her on a journey with the Lord. She entered not knowing what to expect but admits that she was blown away with the results.

Ann-Marie concluded by questioning, “Who in life wouldn’t benefit from finding their identity, dreaming, gaining clarity, and building a deeper connection with the Abba Father? Whether you are Christian or not, this program is for you.”


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