Coaching benefits organisational culture in broad reaching ways

Coaching is fast becoming a key component for organisations looking to improve their culture.

Organisations are buying in coaching for their executives and recruiting internal coaches. They are also investing in training their leaders at all levels, including at team leader level, in coaching skills, as an effective leadership and management style.

Having leaders who are trained to have a coaching mindset, shifts an organisation’s culture in many ways. It affects the very core of the culture of the organisation in surprising ways, all positive.

Organisations are discovering that having their leaders coached, supports them in their roles and in both their personal and professional development. These two areas are both entwined and not as separate as one may think. Organisations are finding that bringing in a coaching culture, gives them a competitive ‘edge’. It helps them proactively eliminate all kinds of potential costly issues, such as; high employee turnover, low morale, ‘square pegs in round holes’, a stagnant or demotivated workforce and low productivity.

Organisations are finding that having leaders with coaching skills improves many levels of communication throughout the organisation, on a team level and interdepartmentally. Leaders with these skills are able to forge far better relations with their staff and levels of management above them. Trained properly, leaders who can adopt the coaching approach embed values in an organisation that become priceless. Use of the skills in everyday business discussion stimulates more creative discussions, maximising employee engagement and giving the organisation a natural, organic way of effectively connecting all the various parts of the organization and its people together, in heart and mind.

Coaching and coaching skills benefit leaders and their organisations in broad reaching ways

The ‘Co-Creative Transformational’ approach that the Destiny Coaching model uses, brings many of these benefits and values into an organisation’s culture, in a deeper way than many standard approaches. The Destiny Coaching Model contains a framework which doesn’t just teach coaching skills but impacts leaders at a heart level experientially, shifting their mindset positively to think of out of the box solutions in day-to-day issues and in future possibilities.

Both by receiving the coaching and being trained to coach leaders learning the Destiny Coaching way, get connected to themselves, their values, their best outcomes, the heart of matter, faster and in a greater degree than a standard performance coaching type of approach. They learn to connect with others on a deep level, which results in organisational culture being shifted.  It becomes infused at a deep level with honour, passion and purpose.

For Christians, an incredible strength of the approach is that it teaches people to listen on a spiritual level as well as a heart level. This results in a deeper connection to God as well. Bringing God into the coaching itself can completely change the outcome and chosen trajectory, invariably opening up more possibilities and answers than could have been perceived humanly.

There are so many far-reaching benefits to organisations from adopting the coaching approach of both giving leaders coaching but training them too to lead from this heart and mindset.

Here are a few specific benefits that Destiny Coaching sees time and time again, as a result of leaders being trained and coached in this approach.

Gets to the heart of the matter and includes God in the day to day

Leaders become expert listening leaders who are in touch with the heartbeat of the organisation, the people. The coaching skills that Destiny Coaching teaches, include learning three levels of listening, which sharpens a leader’s ability to listen exponentially. Leaders have reported having completely different outcomes from their teams, once they listen at these three levels. As a Christian leader being taught to listen actively to the Holy Spirit, brings many broad ranging benefits.

Increases in emotional intelligence

Destiny coaching skills teach you to listen to yourself better as well as others. Leaders who are more self-aware have better emotional intelligence which leads to more trust and connection with their team, they burn out less, they play to their strengths more, and they know when and what to delegate. Coaching skills help leaders to find out of the box solutions, as they adopt a more open mindset and have the creative skills to draw out many more ideas from their team.

Gives clarity of purpose

Coaching skills that include being able to coach at a heart and spirit level (as the Destiny Coaching Model does), enable leaders to find a strong sense of fulfilment, purpose and contentment. This increases focus, motivation and productivity both in the leader and their team.

Grows bigger people

Learning the Destiny Coaching toolkit, gives leaders a framework to coach people to understand what their bigger purpose is. An entire Phase of the program focuses on imparting skills which enable you to coach people into developing a big vision for their life. This big vision is coached out from deep in a person’s heart and God is invited into the process to fully affirm and expand the vision. People who have a highly resonant, God infused vision for their life, become ‘switched on’ and engaged in pursing something bigger than most. We’ve seen it, its incredible to watch!

Finds a way to always grow and take people forward

Leaders who learn coaching skills and specifically the Destiny Coaching Process, gain a skillset for life. The process shows them a way to always be able to e-x-p-a-n-d into a greater vision and a greater purpose. Many of the tools encourage bigger thinking. The impact of learning these tools is that as a leader you always have somewhere further to take those you lead and you always have a healthy, growing vision of your own also. It’s an exciting way to live and lead. God loves it too and gets involved in partnering with you and what you discover along the way.

Learning the toolkit will pay you back in so many ways.

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