A coaching key to listening at a truly deep level


Truly connecting with someone, listening in a way that makes them feel valued, understood and empowers them to move forward in something, is exciting and rewarding!
This is where in coaching, we see great transformation happen! 
One single key shifts a whole conversation to become like this. This key is to recognise and choose to focus on the person’s agenda, not yours. This is a coaching skill that is taught but is also an amazingly helpful life skill that people who learn coaching skills find improves all their relationships. 
With this key conversations feel different. They become a 100 times more helpful. This key enables us to connect with each other in a way that we don’t often.
Focusing on a person’s agenda and not yours means choosing to be fully present with another human being, to sacrifice your own ideas, opinions and thoughts for long enough to truly listen to them and understand. 

This is a rare and precious gift we seldom give. We may not know how to give this gift. It requires honed skills in active listening

In a recent online Activation Session (we have these every Tuesday for our students and alumni), we focused on coaching towards the client agenda with pinpoint accuracy.  
This is all about learning to get really good at identifying a person’s agenda (even when they don’t know it themselves).Despite training as a coach to do this, this is an area that even coaches constantly refine.
Focusing on a person’s agenda, shifts a whole conversation, it almost feels like it changes time itself, changing the pace and feel of a whole conversation. It opens up a different level of connection, even a different realm in some ways. It ignites ideas. It stirs up passion. It reveals things at a deep heart level. It brings understanding. 
All in all, it shows love in a way that not many experience.
Try shifting your focus to actively listen to a loved one’s agenda, truly and deeply for 30 minutes and see what happens!

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