A season to understand our ‘being calling’ along with our ‘doing calling’

On a recent online coaching class, we were discussing what opportunity this season offers people. Many felt that this season is a chance for us all to understand more of our ‘being calling’ versus our ‘doing calling.’

You ‘being calling’ is who you are not what you do. You are a son or daughter of God, but what kind of son / daughter are you? A focus on coaching your ‘being calling’ looks at what characteristics are developing in you. It focuses on coaching your very core identity. Some of this is done by bringing God into the coaching and allowing Him to reveal and affirm His particular work in you in this season.

Unpacking what your being call is will include asking; ‘who I am’ and ‘who I am becoming’. You can ask: What does my presence bring? How do I represent Christ on the earth? Your being calling exists no matter what job you do, what role you are in or what you do or don’t achieve.

It can be a difficult one to get your head around but it’s real and it matters. God is working in you. He has promised to complete the work He started. (Notice it’s Him that does this not you).

There is a time and a place for each of us to be happy with stopping, pausing and considering who we are becoming.

What is Christ forming specifically in you in this season?

Being still and meditating on your specific and personal ‘being calling’ with God, is a hugely valuable way of spending this time that many of us have been gifted with. It will get us ready for the next season. There are corporate things that Christ is forming in His bride (the church) but, there are also very personal things that are rare and applicable to the masterpiece that you are alone. What are these things? Who are you called to be?

Our being calling blesses the world, without us having to do anything, but just by us being ourselves.

This does not take away from the very important work of ‘doing’. Of course we are called to ‘do’. In the Book of James, the Bible says that ‘faith without works is dead.’

One of the invaluable things we can explore as part of our being calling is our life messages. These are powerful, weighty messages of hope that come from our life experiences and our experiences and encounters with God. The world needs to hear these messages. Each and every one of us has these. What messages of hope are being formed in you?

Our ‘doing calling’ relates to the tasks we do. It includes our job and our career. It is essentially the ‘containers’ we adopt to manifest our unique mix of character, strengths, talents and giftings. It relates to what we do, what we achieve or accomplish.

Right now, many people are faced with a forced change in their role. Many are wanting a change in their role. Focusing on your being calling first helps figure out what to do next. Uncovering and developing your life messages is a great place to start. It’s relatively easy to answer the question about knowing which role to take next. This can be done by simply matching what you are good at with a job that allows you to use these skills.

But if you look at your ‘being calling’ first, not only can you get matched with a role that suits your skills, but you can ensure you are aligned with the key message you have to convey to the world. This additional alignment helps you to find a role which is in alignment with your purpose. A role which enables you to live out both your ‘being calling’ AND your ‘doing calling’. In this fully aligned role, you will be using your strengths and giftings, and your role will feel less like a job and more like an exciting, resonant purpose.

So get tuned into your being calling, focus on what is being formed in you and your character and what messages of hope God is refining in you now for your next season. 

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