Why coaching is so beneficial to Christians

Many Christians do not understand the importance of coaching to their faith. 

Most do not understand how it can positively change the way they lead their lives and how they journey with God. 

Many Christians do not realise how Biblically-based coaching which includes God in the process can bring clarity on where God is leading them. 

This type of coaching aligns us with God’s heart for us. 

Here’s just one example;

Coaching draws out the desires of your heart

Many Christians spend a lot of their time waiting for God to show them what He wants. 

Many Christians don’t feel confident in hearing The Lord’s voice. We often say: ‘I’m waiting on God’ or ‘I’ll see what God does’. This is not wrong, but it does not take into account the many different ways God guides us. 

Many times He guides us through our desires

The verse: Delight yourselves in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart, Psalm, 37:4, along with many other scriptures show us that our desires are important to God.

When we delight ourselves in The Lord, He grows healthy desires in our heart and takes delight in fulfilling these for us! 

Many Christians have spent years following God faithfully, delighting themselves in Him, but then neglect to acknowledge, develop and follow the desires that have been formed in their heart. 

Many of these desires are desires that God has planted and cultivated. He is waiting on us to develop these desires into a vision and a plan. A vision and a plan which we will invite Him into to partner with us.

The Destiny Coaching model, draws out the desires that are deep in the heart and helps people to cultivate these into incredible vision and purpose, involving God each step along the way in this process. 

This process is not something that many Christians spend a lot of time on. This is not something that many have experienced. Yet, it is such an important process, which draws out precious gifts that God has given each one of us. 

People need to be given time to express the desires of their heart. A coach is trained to listen actively and ask powerful open questions drawing out life, passion and heart.

One of the first rules of coaching is to find and follow the agenda of the person you are coaching. Even in this first step, we are finding out what is on your heart and what needs to be coached! 

Our hearts contain precious treasures which are just waiting to be unearthed. The Biblically based Destiny Coaching toolkit is designed to do this.

The Bible says; ‘Hope deferred makes the heart sick…..but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life’, Proverbs 13:12.

What lies deep in your heart that is waiting to be discovered?

What desires in your heart will release you into a life giving, fulfilling, purpose which God has created you for? 

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