Coaching Identity from Biblical Foundations

We are living in interesting times. Politics, education, business, entertainment, all sectors of society are shifting, evolving and reforming in radical ways.

There has never been a more important time for coaching. Coaching helps people understand who they are and what they stand for in times when everything around them may feel uncertain.

An interesting area where we have found a great interest in in the past year, is that of identity coaching. As Christian coaches we have the opportunity to excel in this. We have answers! We know that our identity is found in God alone, being loved and cherished sons and daughters of His. The scriptures show us who we are, and how incredibly we are created in God’s image.

Our Coaching Identity model follows scriptures but is suitable for anyone of any faith. It brings people into alignment with their true kingdom identity and matures them to step into their full authority with confidence.

Here are some pointers and tips to get you started: (taken from our latest Coaching Identity Online Advanced Training Program):

Step 1 – Coach people into an experience of identity

The bible tells us we are masterpieces, royalty, friends of God, rare, chosen, significant, saints ….to name but a few. Imagine being coached into a deep experience of the heart in each of these Biblical identities. Imagine stepping into a greater understanding of what each of these words means and hearing specifically from God Himself on each one. Imagine coaching someone to connect with these identities in a comprehensive way, watching their perception of themselves shift forever. You can try this by using coaching skills that facilitate encounter such as visualization, bodywork, heart-based metaphors, open questions, bringing God into the conversation (if they are Christian) and more. Focus questions around developing a person’s true identity

Step 2 – Coach people to apply their kingdom identity to real life issues

Coaching identity differs from regular coaching. The focus and aim are different. It develops a person’s awareness of the truth of who they are and what this means. New revelations on their identity can be applied to regular coaching topics. For example, asking: ‘What would it look like for you to operate in your identity as masterpiece in this situation?’  Or ‘What have you learned about being significant that you can apply to this situation?’ This brings breakthrough in new ways, monumentally shifting belief and perception. The results are that people step over obstacles and go beyond where they would have gone beforehand.

Step 3 – Coaching love encounters

Perfect love casts out fear (1 John 4:18). Coaching people into deep encounters with Gods love enables them to get filled with perfect love. This leaves less and less room for fear and provides strength, resolve, motivation and a new outlook on all that is before them. Using coaching skills mentioned above to bring spiritual encounter, you can take your clients into a life transforming experience of feeling, seeing, and being immersed into God’s love. Start by getting them to visualise His love and imagine themselves diving deep into it.

Coaching identity can combine with your regular coaching or be something that you offer a series of focussed coaching sessions on, as many of our coaches do.

Whoever you coach and whatever you specialise in, coaching identity will bring deep, profound, breakthrough to your clients, maturing them to be connected to who God made them to be. The result: – They will dream bigger, pursue more and have greater impact.

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