ProvisionHere at Destiny Coaching Ministries as our team grows and transitions and we advance into so many new areas, I just wanted to take a moment to comment on God’s wonderful, faithful amazing provision.

For the past few years since I started Destiny Coaching Ministries, The Lord has provided just what we have needed at just the right time. Some things as I reflect back, I didn’t even realise at the time were what we needed. Now I can see how the provision at that time exactly fitted and moved me, the team and the ministry to the next level, the benefits of which I am now seeing and am so thankful for.

Surprising Provision

I have learned that provision does not always look like what we expect it to! Firstly, the source of the provision can be unexpected or alternatively so obvious that we did not see it right in front of our eyes. For example, people may be willing to help with their time or money or connections. These people not be what who we would have expected to help. We may feel awkward receiving from them. Sometimes provision is there from our close family or friends but we don’t even see it as provision as we think that The Lords job is to provide outside of these. If we are not careful pride or misaligned expectations can block our ability to receive this provision. God has a plan in all he does. His plan is always the best plan.

Timely Provision 

Secondly, the timing of provision can be confusing. We may expect provision to come sooner or at just the time we need it. Often God provides at the 11th hour or beyond our self imposed 11th hours. He also sometimes sets things up in advance that we need to learn to recognise is our provision for the task in hand. Discernment of provision before its required season, is useful, as we can receive it and honour it, knowing that in due course God will show us more fully why we need it. As a coach who naturally asks questions, I find it useful to ask The Lord: “In what way would you like me to steward this provision for the future?” In places where I am the provision for others I ask him: “How would you like me to be the provision in this season?”

Out of the Box Provision 

Lastly, the type of provision may not fit into our restricted thinking of how we wanted to be provided for, so we don’t see it! I am learning to live in expectancy and full belief that He will provide just what I need, but to more actively look around ‘objectively’ at where he may already have provided that I am blind to. For example, a valuable connection, previous knowledge or experience on a field, strengths I didn’t realise were my strengths and just need activating, favour in a realm that I have always taken for granted, offers for help in an area I don’t see that I really need help in. I’ve seen that sometimes we forget that God has given us skills, abilities and strengths that are easily transferrable to the very area we need help in. We may not connect compartments of our lives together and realise how they cross fertilize each other. One part often can provide for another part.


He is faithful to provide all our needs in season. He is a loving Father that wants to bless us. If we truly believe this and adopt this heart posture, we will live in anticipation and excitement. Expecting not just being provided for but in a childlike manner, discovering the amazing, creative, wise and timely ways that God does provide. His style of provision ends up providing far more than our immediate need. He has a way of providing in a way that we grow and develop, our character blossoms, our relationships flourish and we learn more of who He is.

“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine…Isaiah 55:8

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