Igniting Faith and Focus

FaithWe are currently, about halfway through our current residential Coach Training Programme for leaders. Watching the journey our group is on is amazing. In our last weekend, we explored igniting our creativity both as coaches and coachees. Using our own creativity as leaders, we learned how to engage people more fully in new and innovative ways on their journeys of growth, discovering their purpose and vision. I witnessed big audacious life visions coming alive, being clarified and expanded as we coached each other into dreaming and enlarging all that God has put on our hearts.

Once we freed everyone up to dream as big as they could imagine, we started bringing this into the realms of the possible by using practical goal setting tools. Everyone left the weekend with small action steps towards large world changing visions. Now that’s what you call a fun weekend! Before we left the weekend, we started to look at how to tackle limiting beliefs that stop us from actually progressing our big ideas, dreams and ideals. As we sail towards the coaching identity, part of our programme, where we start to shift unhelpful mindsets, I am struck with how life changing it can be to take this journey.

How many of us are stuck in small thinking? How many of us are living only within the realms of possibility for our lives and our life vision? What about the impossible, improbable supernatural possibilities that could be available to us through our God! And yet, how much more now than ever does the world need us to dare to believe the kingdom can come on earth like it has never before?

Destiny coaching helps fill up hope tanks. We have also looked at how different what we are doing on our training programme is to our cultural norm. How many people in our culture would really accept someone going after something seemingly impossible? I am currently preparing to get married. This has been a dream of mine all of my life. God has provided me with a man who can dream as big as me and bigger. How wonderful that I get to plan a life beyond my wildest imagination and expectations. What a blessing! But how many of us have this privilege to have the support of a fiancé, a spouse or a whole coaching community learning together to believe in us and to encourage and help us develop our dreams and big vision?

One thing we can do, is to become one of those people who listen, support and encourage big thinking and out of the box outrageous ideas! By becoming this we will attract this to us. The best place to start is to listen to your own heart and what has been burning on it for sometime. Give it space to grow and develop into a vision and some short term manageable goals. There is so much more for each and everyone of us than you can imagine!

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