Healing through Coaching

Healing through Coaching

What’s the difference between a healing ministry encounter with God and a coaching encounter with God that also brings healing?

Can coaching act as a ‘healing ministry’?

What can a coaching approach that brings healing look like?

The Destiny Coaching model is a very unique one as it facilitates people to connect with God as part of their coaching journey.  We have found that this type of coaching literally accelerates results from weeks to minutes. God is brought into the coaching conversation. The results of this include people experiencing significant healing, both emotional and physical.

How can coaching which includes God bring healing?

The unique Destiny Coaching process, coaches people to hear God personally speaking into very real and tangible areas of their lives. The way people are connected to God in this process, is completely different to traditional style healing sessions such as SOZO, or other prayer ministry models.

The first difference is that in Destiny Coaching sessions the focus is never on bringing healing. This contradicts a Christian healing focussed ministry session, which typically will focus on finding the root of a particular difficulty. In a typical Christian healing ministry session, finding the root of a belief or difficulty, may be done through remembering a trauma, or incident when the person was harmed or hurt in some way. This harm could be physical or emotional resulting from neglect or abuse. Jesus is generally bought into this place to bring healing.

A coaching approach can produce similar results

In a Destiny Coaching session, the focus is never healing of emotional or physical trauma, even though sometimes as a by-product of the coaching this kind of healing can happen. Coaches do not seek to ‘fix’ a trauma, or difficulty. This mean that they would not lead someone to a past event which needs healing.

In coaching the coachee sets the agenda for a coaching session. Coaches follow this agenda facilitating people to move forward to achieve the goals they want to. Many people ask to be coached on getting clarity on their purpose. A Destiny Coach leads someone through a series of sessions with proven coaching exercises which bring this clarity. Similar to prayer ministry, The Lord may be bought into the coaching, if pre agreed. The way this is done is very different.

In a Destiny Coaching session, people are led into prayerful encounters where they hear from God on big questions. These big questions could be around the agreed topic, their purpose or to affirm their very identity. Sometimes a Destiny Coach will lead someone to connect with God to get a very different perspective, or answers of any obstacles that are stopping progress. Powerful coaching questions are used to connect someone being coached into a personal encounter with God. These personal encounters facilitated by powerful coaching style questions, open people up to hear God in a completely different way to what they have experienced before. God becomes part of both the practical and emotional journey towards fulfilment of purpose.

The journey towards activation of purpose causes obstacles which need healing to surface 

In the Destiny Coaching approach, first the focus is to bring clarity of purpose, then clarity on how and when to go about fulfilling this purpose. God is included in all of this. Inevitably different kinds of obstacles come up along the way. This includes having to deal with what we call limiting beliefs that hinder a person stepping into the fullness of what God has for them. These ‘limiting beliefs’ are essentially lies which seem like truths to the person caught in them. Through the coaching, once these limiting beliefs are identified, a coachee is given the opportunity to face the beliefs and reverse a limiting belief with a more empowering belief. The coachee is not taken back to any places where this belief may have taken hold of them. They are not led to recount any traumatic events. The ‘root’ of the belief is not sought unless it is naturally brought up by Holy Spirit.

The typical coaching process means coachee’s are simply invited to acknowledge the unhelpful, limiting belief and choose a path forward that will break it. (We all have limiting beliefs but are blind to them as for us they seem correct and normal). The coaching process of bringing limiting beliefs that felt real and true into the light, then empowering a person to see these and choose an alternative, is extremely helpful to them.

The approach of facilitating the person to see their blind spot and freely choose to reverse it, is an approach which follows a foundational coaching belief that everyone is powerful, resourceful and free to make good choices. People generally are quick to want to move on and choose a different empowering belief. The results are quick, as mindsets change and the person is quickly coached forward to make changes in their life around their new empowering beliefs.

God is bought into this process, not as part of recounting painful past experiences, but to affirm, and speak life to the person. This could be done in many ways. A coach will guide a person to receive a direct personal affirmation from God. A coach will guide someone to ask powerful questions to link how their experience points to their propose and/or their future path.  Sometimes ‘prophetic acts’ are facilitated enabling the person to receive different things from God. Sometimes a person is facilitated to experience a whole bunch of different positive perspectives. The process is an incredibly creative and spiritual one.

The Lord is incredibly kind and affirming and brings healing through His belief in the person and His perspective of the person. The spiritual encounter side of the coaching is all done by leading a person to ask God powerful questions. The coach does not input but acts merely as an expert facilitator trained to bring someone deep into an encounter with their own heart and God. The person being coached is truly empowered in this way.

Many people simply step out of limitations that have held them back for years. Many people are healed of wrong beliefs that have hindered them. The bonus to this type of approach, which also brings clarity of purpose through well-defined and proven coaching tools, is that each person receives a vision of a highly resonant, exciting purpose to which they are called. The positive effect of this is both healing and igniting of passion and purpose. All of which is extremely motivational. Many people do not need any further healing ministry.

This coaching approach releases people to actually step into the truth of who they are, without having to experience any works of the enemy through a past focussed session of remembering trauma and pain.

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