Destiny Events

Did you know that each and every one of us has had dozens of what I call ‘destiny events’ in our life which hold invaluable clues as to what our unique earthly assignment is?

Did you know that you were created for a unique purpose? A purpose that only you can fulfill.  Bill Johnson says once you know what you are called to, you won’t want to be anyone else or do anything else on the planet!

This is so true. God has given each and every one of us such unique personally developed assignments just for our particular strengths gifts and personality. It’s not just about a job or vocation either. It’s about a lot more than that. It’s about whom we are, what we release to the world and what gets impacted as a result of us operating truly as God created us to.

I spend a lot of time, coaching people into finding what their unique purpose and calling is. One of the tools I use to help them is to take them to a time and place in their life that has already happened. To a time when they felt fully alive, they felt like life was flowing, what they were doing was easy; they were flowing in their gifts and strengths. As you are reading this can you think of a time like this in your life?

Try to imagine a time when your senses were heightened, when all around you was vibrant and when you felt fulfilled: a time when you were impacting the world around you in a good way and it felt effortless. This could have been a time at work, or when you were a child, or perhaps another time.

Stop for a moment to remember one of these times. Actually imagine you are there. Experience that time again. What was happening?

Take note of where you are, who is around you, what you are doing. If you can think of several of these moments just pick one. If you can’t think of any, take more time and pick just one of whichever times and places flashed through your mind quickly.

So which time in your life did you think about?

There are so many clues packed into these special times of our lives. For example, during this moment you would have been using particular skills and strengths you have. You would have been fulfilling core values that are close to your heart and key in the way you want to live your life.  You would have been serving and impacting the world in some way. You may have been helping people; you may have been creating beauty or creating a solution to a need for mankind.  These events in our lives point to the very things that bring us alive. When we discover our aliveness we are beginning to understand what our assignment is.

I believe God plants these ‘destiny’ events in our lives for a reason. He wants us to glimpse what it is he has made us for, so we can be envisioned, motivated and inspired to create a life that looks and feels like these moments for most of the time. It was never his intention for these moments to just be fleeting moments, but for these moments to become a lifestyle of living fully alive.

When you think about one of your moments like this, what were you doing? What impact were you having? Were you helping men, women or children or something else? You were probably a very good version of yourself in these moments; the question is who exactly were you? What was it like to carry that confidence and freedom? What did that time of your life give you? In what way were you serving the world? How was the world a better place because of who you were in those moments?

What impact that you saw would you like to see repeated?

You can move closer to your personal unique assignment by unpacking several of these events in your life when you felt 100% alive. It’s a great start in beginning to recognize who the real you is and what you were created to for. John 10:10 says that Jesus came to give you life and life abundant. Living in relationship with Him and operating in your strengths and gifts, serving the people you feel most fulfilled serving in the environment that most brings you alive is an abundant life, one packed full of meaning and purpose, a life worth living.

John 10: 10 also says that the enemy comes to steal, rob and destroy. This has happened to most of us in the process of our lives, our passion and dreams have been snatched away and we have simply forgotten what it is like to feel truly fully alive. Where the spirit of The Lord is there is freedom (2 Cor: 3:17) Each and every one of us is free to make choices as to how we steward our lives, our time, our talents. How can you start to design your life today to repeat the impact you had from your destiny events?


Tina Southgate

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