Vision Refresh and Reload

At Destiny Coaching we take hundreds of people through our unique Co-Creative Coaching model. One of the precepts of the process is that we have to have a vision.

Having a vision, is way more integral to daily living, problem solving, and so much more than most of us realise.

It’s essential for our motivation and engagement in almost everything that we do.

Most people have a vision, even if they don’t know it.

(If you don’t feel like you have a truly resonant vision for your purpose do attend our Destiny Activator Coaching Program)

However engaged you are in your vision, this season calls for a refresh and a reload.

When we get a vision or a dream or idea, or a word from God, it is new, exciting, full of hope and promise for the future. Depending on your personality, what you do with this afterwards will differ.

Some will fly, take the vision, push in, take big steps of faith, and keep pursuing it relentlessly.

Others will wait and wait and wait, until someone, or God, or something happens to them regarding the vision.

Either way, after some time has passed, doubt can come in. Sometimes people get so caught up in the day to day of the vision, they lose touch with the fullness of it in their heart. They lose touch with their original ‘why’, which is what stirred up their passion in the first place.

Sometimes people get caught up in what they have opted to do instead of their vision. The original vision loses its initial ‘shininess.’ It loses its excitement, its hope and its connection to a person’s heart.

When doubt sets in, you may start thinking: ‘I didn’t hear God right, as it is not happening’ or ‘I didn’t hear God right as it’s not easy’.

Or, ‘Obviously God doesn’t want me to do that because if He did it would be more obvious’.

Or, ‘Obviously God doesn’t want this as doors haven’t opened’.

Or, ‘I don’t see how my vision is of vital importance to the kingdom,’ or, ‘I have lost my zeal of seeing how my vision is of vital importance to the kingdom, to my purpose and to God’s heart’.

Whichever of the above may have happened, it’s all quite normal.

I would like to propose that our vision, (or our idea, or dream) is something God gives us. It comes from our desires and manifests to the degree we allow it to. We decide mostly whether it gets activated or not. We decide how we keep it connected to our heart and spirit. It is a gift from God for us to steward.

Many times, in our lives, and especially currently, as a consequent of global changes, and a big global season shift, we need to reload our vision.

By reload I mean, we have can do something like this process:

  1. Remember it

Some people like to journal, others find it helpful to create a collage of pictures to see their vision again. Almost certainly there will be something you have, perhaps a document, from when you first got the vision, which you can revisit to remember it.

  1. Check in with our hearts to see how our desires have changed or not

Look at what of that vision, you still desire passionately. What do you not want anymore? What new nuances would you like to see as part of this vision? Maybe you have a new vision? If you have lost passion in a certain area of the vision, you are still responsible to steward it. How would God have you move on from these parts of the vision that no longer resonate in your heart? Who can you train to take your place? Who can you partner with? How does God want it to progress?

  1. Refine it

Use what you learned from above to refine your vision. Maybe the core of it needs to be slightly changed. A new mission statement maybe? Perhaps an enhanced mission statement? Refine doesn’t mean ‘throw away’, it means make it better, more on point, or more relevant for the season. It means you can adapt it to our changing world and to changing needs. Refine may mean small changes or possibly big changes. You could be handing over certain parts of the vision to whom God shows you to. Letting go may be part of a process for you to move on to the promotion God has for you. Alternatively, you may need to take hold of it in a greater way.

  1. Refresh ourselves and reload ready to go again.

Celebrate, what has happened so far. Celebrate what you have achieved. Celebrate what the impact of this vision has been so far. Thank God. Be grateful for the strength and tenacity you have had so far. Allow God to speak affirmation to you about what has happened already.

(Even if that is you simply picking up the vision again and having the courage to run with it this time, there is always something to celebrate).

Rest. Whatever that looks like! A day off or a year off! Rest is generally a pattern God uses for most of us in between season changes.  Know what you need and how to rest before the next part of the journey.

Once you have rested, reload the vision, ready to go again.

Matthew 25:23 – “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’

If you have not developed your God given dream or idea into a vision yet, don’t despair it’s not too late. Take courage and believe that with God all things are possible, and now is the time!

Either way God has things He wants to add to your vision, He has been increasing your capacity, and He knows that you will see what’s possible through different eyes after this season.

It’s time for a refresh and a reload!

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