Unlocking Your Destiny

Soo Prince is a freelance editor, avid snowboarder and leader with a background in management and organizational development in the non-profit sector. She carries a heart to see people released to walk in the fullness of their identity with hope and courage. Last year, after a season of being abroad and co-founding a ministry school, Soo was ready for a new work opportunity. She decided to attend a Destiny Activator weekend to explore working for the ministry and meet the rest of the team. What began as a simple work inquiry turned into a transformational two days that released clarity, revelation and courage for her to walk in her destiny in a new way.

15095095_10154559977855516_9194443449803107132_nDuring the Destiny Activator weekend, Soo discovered for the first time which area of life she was called to. Through one of the exercises, she realized everything God had been preparing her for related to the area of church. She had received prophetic words years before, but she hadn’t considered them in the context of church until this workshop. This revelation has released her to invest in her church with greater freedom and purpose. She shared, “Now I know the main area I am called to, and I have found that as I say yes to God in this area, my confidence level is rising and freedom is coming. I don’t ever want to say no again!”

The workshop also gave Soo fresh vision for her daily life and changed her intentionality and focus in relationships. During the workshop, Soo felt God say to her, “You have a crucial role to play in your personal sphere of influence. Step out and do your bit with others’, because without you doing it, those others you are touching with your ministry and your life, and how you are as a person, they are not going to be brought to fulfillment and to fullness.”

She realized she needed to be proactive and contribute in church more and be intentional about investing in others around her. This realization also gave her more clarity in how to spend her time. Before when she was aware of the amount of time that was available to her to be with God and spend hours reading the Bible and praying, she would wonder why she was being given so much time (compared to others). But after having the revelation that she was called to church, she felt empowered to enjoy that time and to be intentional about seeking God.

Soo on her ski board.

Some of Soo’s favorite times during the workshop were the God encounter exercises. She said, “The beauty of the Destiny Activator was that it was like the fruit of six weeks of quiet times with the Lord accelerated into one weekend!” During the workshop, God’s word to her for this season was wholeness. This word has brought her encouragement and focus every day since, in her alone time with God.

Soo discovered her heart, “for the world to see Jesus for who He really is” will be expressed more fully through her influence in church. Since the workshop, she has stepped further into the fullness of her identity and calling and looks forward to the future. She recommends this workshop to any individual, but also to a church team or group, because, “seeing the destiny and identity in those around you is an incredibly powerful dynamic to have within a community.” She shared, “The weekend was so jam packed with goodness, specific questions and exercises that unlocked destiny and identity so quickly! It was very practical but also inspiring – a place to be free to dream and discover you do have a destiny!”

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