Encountering your future vision now!

shutterstock_713830222 low resReaching into your future and experiencing a great vision you have today, right now,changes everything.

It helps you find what you need to overcome obstacles and propels you forward quickly!

I just ran a 2-day coaching workshop last weekend and was amazed at the people in the room. I could see that each and every one of them had incredible potential to change the world in extraordinary ways.

As a coach I get to see people’s potential unlocked, to see them come  alive more than they were before. I get to see them clarify their purpose and thrive moving towards an extraordinary vision.

The envisioning part of the coaching process is in my opinion one of the most vital keys in leading someone into transformation. As leaders, it’s vital we lead ourselves through this process as well, so that we step into our greater potential alongside leading others into theirs.

Proverbs 29:18 says– Without a vision the people perish.

Many of us will say we have a vision. I believe you need to experience the joy of that vision in the present moment. This is what connects you to your future in a deep, profound and compelling way.

Your vision is a future-focused, multifaceted picture with specific details that is full of resonance, excitement, passion and motivation. In order to be build excitement, energy and motivation now, you can experience a glimpse of your vision today.

I love the process of leading clients into their future, enabling them to imagine a vision with their goals met, with dreams and desires happening. It’s such an exciting and invigorating process to see an idea grow and get turned into a vision.

To enjoy this process, you can reach into your ideal future and climb into the picture to have a really good look around. Observe all of the details; big details and small details. This process creates an incredible amount of joy, awe and passion.

Not surprisingly God shows up during this process and shows you more. He shows you more about who you have become in this vision and more about what He wants to bless you with. Ask Him these questions as you go there and look around.

Once experienced at this level, you become motivated to move towards your ideal future, in thought, deed and heart. In other words, you will think and meditate on it. You will start to action things towards it and your heart will have become fully engaged.

This motivation and passion helps us  overcome what we need to overcome to get there. Jesus endured the cross for the joy that was set before Him (Hebrews 12:2). I am not saying that we will have to endure the awful torture of such a death that Jesus did. But we will have to endure and persevere to achieve our big vision. We will have to show tenacity, pushing through year on year to the next levels that are available to us. God will almost certainly expand your vision also, beyond where it started which will require more of you as you go along!

Let’s look at how to jump into the future and prayerfully envision all that is possible. This exercise will give you joy now. It will build hope. This will give you strength to endure.

Encountering Your Future – Coaching Exercise

1. Firstly, give yourself permission to imagine what it could look like to see an incredible too good to be true outcome of a big dream, an idea, a vision.

Think of an idea you have. Something that is maybe just a whim at the moment. It could be something more serious. Pick something big and audacious.

2. Imagine its 10 years into the future. Imagine your idea has happened beyond what you could today imagine is possible.

What has happened?

Where is it all happening?

What does the environment look like?

Who is involved?

What is your role?

What has changed in you?

What has changed in your lifestyle?

How are people’s lives being impacted by it?

…….Take time to visualise all these details and more.

3. Now take a moment to imagine Jesus in the midst of this vision. Ask Him: What do you think of this Jesus? In what way are you proud of me in this picture?


I just did this exercise for my crazy idea of being an author of 14 books somewhere in the next 10-15 years. Well, I now have 14 book titles and a vision for this goal! It is exciting to me beyond what I felt before the exercise. I am blown away that I was able to come up with 14 book titles that I want to write!

What’s your crazy too good to be true idea?

Spend 10 minutes envisioning it as above. Then check in with Jesus what He thinks.

If you’d like to see a quick 20-minute coaching demonstration of someone being activated in this way, taking them into an experience of their vision. You can check out Webinar 3 in The Webinar Set – Kingdom Coaching – What’s Possible? Sign up here and you will be emailed the webinar.

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