Coaching the art of celebrating to propel destiny forward

Much of what we do in the coaching process is to help people to see themselves as the magnificent, glorious children of God that they truly are.

Many times, we are helping people reframe their circumstances and be filled with hope again.

A fantastic reframing tool we can use, as a coach or anytime, to help us to stay in a Godly, kingdom perspective on who we are, and what our future looks like, is to learn the art of celebrating.

Imagine a lifestyle, if you will, that is full, every day, of celebratory conversations, actions, and moments. Where you celebrate small wins, little victories, problems solved, strategies found, people met, encouragement received or given……….

How would this affect you?

This way of ‘being’ is entirely Biblical. It aligns us to a life of faith, a life that truly believes that God is good, and we are blessed. Once we learn to live this way, our destiny is unlocked to a whole new level.

How do we step into a life of celebratory blessing?

We can coach each other and ourselves towards this positive perspective in a few ways.

  1. Practicing gratitude, a celebratory attitude. It’s scientifically proven that practicing gratitude helps our mental health. Gratitude and celebration work together. Celebration is gratitude in action. We enter His gates with thanksgiving and praise (Psalm 100:4). Thanksgiving sometimes needs to be a discipline. It doesn’t necessarily come naturally, but it’s something we can enjoy daily not just in formal worship sessions. What are 10 things you are grateful for today?
  1. Scheduling regular remembrance, celebration times. Just like the Jews have several annual festivals, we can put aside regular times in the year when we choose to remember our testimony with God and what He has brought us through, just like they do. These times are times of celebration, and they remind us of who we are, how loved we are, and who our God is. Invaluable! What part of your testimony may be worth an annual celebration and a chance to recount?
  1. Celebrating other’s breakthroughs. This is a great practice, because as we honour others’ milestones and blessings, celebrating with them, we align ourselves with heaven. Heaven celebrates with us. We celebrate with others because we know and trust that what God has done for them, He will also do for us, in His timing. What could you do today to initiate a celebration of something good that has happened to someone you know?

Hindering factors that stop us celebrating

There are hindering mindsets that stop us being able to live in this way, which we can coach ourselves and others through:

The victim mentality. We may believe that because bad things have happened to us before, we are not under God’s love, grace, and blessing. We may believe that bad things will continue to happen. This attitude or belief will stop us being able to see and celebrate so many of the blessings and good things that are happening every day. What would it look like if your future was full of God’s blessing? What would it look like if everything hard that has happened was redeemed in amazing ways, propelling you towards your purpose?

Focussing on what God is not doing, instead of what He is doing. When we keep looking at what God is not doing, we are living in a negative perspective. It’s a small shift but a giant shift to simply look at the opposite and celebrate all that He is doing. Ask God to show you just some a dozen of the thousand things He is doing in your life right now.

Not allowing ourselves to create and believe in a better future. The Bible says the latter is better than the former (Haggai 2:9). With God there is always more. Yet sometimes we stop dreaming, imagining, creating, visioning and planning for this. If we don’t have a vision for the future, we hinder our ability to celebrate, as we lose track of what is good and what our focus is. (Proverbs 29:18). Good things may happen, but will we notice? Do we know where we are headed and what the little things are all adding up to? Let’s believe the future will be amazing because of God’s redeeming power. This helps us to celebrate each win along the way. What are some specifics that I can imagine in my fully redeemed, fully healed, incredible future?

Benefits of learning the art of celebrating

Once we learn how to celebrate every small step, every tiny breakthrough, each movement forwards, our need to strive diminishes. We stop trying to constantly perform or feel we need to do better. We start to feel happy and full of life. We feel and experience the blessed life we are living in its fullness.

Becoming a professional celebrator brings a great combination of both contentment and motivation to go to the next level. We celebrate and appreciate what is, whilst looking forward to what is to come.

Best of all, celebrating and being thankful, sends a message to heaven that we are stewarding what we have been given well. We then get promoted to the next level to receive more. Every good father loves to give more to His grateful, positive children, our Heavenly Father especially.

How can you become a professional celebrator, that coach’s people into a life of celebration?


  1. Hi Tina. Jeanne LaPrise here, Bethel Church/ Intercessor. Your article on “Celebrating” is excellent. Thank you, Good Word for coaching & life!!!
    Your Mother used to come to the Intercessors meeting on Thursday mornings. I enjoyed her very much. Is she well!
    Best regards, Jeanne.

    • Hi Jeanne, We have just moved her into an assisted living facility, she is well, just needing a little more support. We are trying to find fellowship for her which she craves more than anything. Thank you for the feedback on the blog and bless you. Tina

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