5 Simple Co-Creative Coaching Skills to Increase your Relational Intelligence

Jesus grew in favour with God and Man (Luke 2:52)

If Jesus did this, we can too! In fact, it’s part of our destiny.

Would you like to grow in favour with God and man?

The journey of growing in favour with God and man is an important one.

A key to this journey is learning how to love and honor people and God more deeply. Our journey in to doing this grows us into be more like Jesus.

Increasing our relational intelligence connects us more deeply with people, and God. It leads us to learn to understand others better, to know how we can truly connect with their hearts, how we can communicate with them in a way that makes them feel valued, empowered, and strengthened. It helps us to listen at multiple levels, to self-manage parts of us that would hurt and offend others and to tune in fully with a person’s heart and spirit. Jesus was an expert at this!

Co-Creative Coaching skills increases these relational skills one hundred-fold! Here are five tips to increase your emotional intelligence (adapted from the Level 1 Certificate in Co-Creative Transformational Coaching – training available in the Destiny Coach Training Online School)


Instead of seeing a person’s presenting problem or lack in ability that presents, learn to imagine their fullest potential, if they were flourishing in every way. Guide them towards seeing this for themselves.


Instead of jumping up and sharing your ideas and solutions, which can limit a conversation, try asking more questions and creating a space for that person to fully find and express what is on their heart and what solutions they can think of.


Instead of advising that someone should be satisfied and maybe feeling they are ungrateful, ask them to describe their ideal outcomes, solutions, life, work, connection with God, life partner, holiday, family etc. This helps them to start to stretch into their greater potential. Sometimes we complain because we are hungry for more. This hunger is good and can be pointed in the right direction to find out what ‘the more’ actually is.


Instead of jumping in with a Bible verse or an action you feel they should take, ask them what they feel they should do, and then (if they are Christian) get them to ask God what He thinks and what He feels they should do.


When someone is being negative, is discouraged or stuck, lead them to a place of finding their ‘resonance’, a place where they can tap into their energy, what makes them feel alive, what brings them contentment, fulfilment.

By becoming an encourager and an empower, you will grow in favour with God and man.

Now look at the tips above and think about how you can also encourage and empower yourself with these too?

Bless you

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