Encountering your future vision now!

Reaching into your future and experiencing a great vision you have today, right now,changes everything.
It helps you find what you need to overcome obstacles and propels you forward quickly! Once you have seen this incredible future and felt what it feels like to be in it, it’s impossible to forget it! You have experienced a glimpse of a future that can be. It becomes irresistible.

4 steps to activate destiny by reversing hidden negative perspectives

How often do you have the courage to look at your personal negative perspectives, the ones that don’t serve you well?When you do uncover these hidden ‘destiny inhibitors’, you can start work on reversing them. This is when you’ll see incredible blessing in ways you never imagined! Hidden negative perspectives hold you back from being all that you were created for. So how do we uncover and then reframe these hidden negative perspectives, to release hope to glisten again in all areas of our lives?

Deceitful, wicked heart or heart of life?

Why do we doubt life decisions towards things that we really desire? Why do we feel our desires cannot be the right thing, something that God wants for us? Thinking that our hearts desires are not God’s will, is a sad interpretation of the nature of God. If we don’t believe that it is his desire to see our desires met, we have a limited view of the love that our heavenly father has for each of us. We will be limited in being able to fulfil our destiny….

Discovering and testing your lifetime non-negotiables

How do you find your life time non-negotiables? How do you know whether your vision is fully aligned with what you are meant to do? What are those things that you consider absolutely necessary to happen in your life? It’s impossible to work out the focus for your current season without thinking longer term and developing a vision for those life time non-negotiables. Here are some vision inspiring questions to think about what your life vision could be……