Coaching Mentoring and Supervision


Small Group Mentor Coaching Supervision and 1 to 1 Supervision

Of all our courses this is a highly recommended MUST, as a follow-up to our coach training course.

Supervision and mentoring is vital to your growth and development as a coach. It will:

  • Develop your kingdom coaching skills to the next level.
  • Help you learn and apply the coaching model.
  • Give you invaluable feedback on your coaching to encourage you and show you areas for development.

You can take this step alongside building your coaching hours towards licensing with us if you wish to take that path. Alternatively, simply get mentoring to improve your skills.

Small Group Mentor Coaching Supervision

This programme allows you to gain invaluable feedback not only on your own coaching but also week by week on other’s coaching too via our group coach mentor coaching programme.

It is conducted via teleconference or video classroom, each participant gets a chance to coach, be coached and to observe and give feedback. Invaluable learning will be drawn out from each session to grow and develop you as a coach.

You get supervision in a small coach mentoring group of 5 participants (conducted via teleconference or online)

The course is conducted weekly and is 6 weeks long

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Proposed day and times

Tuesdays*, 5pm-6pm UK Time/ 9am-10am PST/ 1pm-2pm EST

**Please note- other times may be available please let us know your availability.

Small Group Mentoring Course Cost: £200 /approx $300 USD – for the 6 week Group Coach Mentoring Programme

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1 to 1 Supervision

From late Autumn, 2016 we will be offering 1 to 1 supervision & mentoring with our own trained supervisors.

1 to 1 Supervision Costs: £110 ($130) -£150 ($195) per supervision session depending on package

To license with Destiny Coaching you are required to have either 3 individual supervision sessions during your first 50 hours required coaching, or 2 individual supervision sessions plus attendance on a small group mentoring course

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