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Our unique Leadership Coach Training Programme coaches the heart with a Biblical, Holy Spirit based edge. 

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Hundreds of Christian leaders, professionals, business owners, ‘wanna be’ coaches and more have completed our training, both online and at residential courses.

Our coaching model follows industry guidelines (International Coach Federation) bringing comprehensive professional level coach training combined with a deeply spiritual, highly transformative toolset.

But, it also goes beyond standard industry models such as ‘GROW’. It accelerates breakthrough from weeks to minutes, aligning people closely to their calling and growing them spiritually along the way.

Our coaching model activates people more fully into who they were created to be, by connecting them with their deepest hearts desires, their true identity and purpose and deeper connection with creator God.

Using this coaching model people actually encounter truth in each coaching conversation which transforms thinking, clears obstacles and releases them into greater freedom.

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Our training style involves a high level of participation.

Each and every student gets to experience our transformative coaching tools, understanding more of who they are and their unique purpose, so they can with authority then coach others into this breakthrough.

Destiny Coaching’s unique 5 phase process (shown here) can be learnt online via eCourses and/or at our annual residential weekends program (currently the UK). Although built on Christian and biblically based truths it is easily used to coach anyone with a faith or not.  Our training is suitable for anyone, including those with no coaching experience and professional coaches trained in other coaching models.

As part of learning either our online courses or residential training weekends you are able to join our community and be supported in your learning journey. If you wish you can become licensed or continue your learning in our coaching development mentoring club, or you can continue to learn from some of our advanced coaching courses.

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A few video testimonies from previous students

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The Online Schools

You can learn our coaching toolkit online, on demand at your convenience, alongside being supported by live, fully interactive, online mentoring webinars of up to 20 people.

12 Month Complete Online Programme

The Destiny Coaching model’s full 5 phase process to journey clients through (shown above, LISTENING/CORE 100, RESONANCE 200, IDENTITY & PURPOSE 300, PERSPECTIVES 400 and ACTIVATION 500) can be learned in approximately 12 months, with a commitment of approx. 10-12 hours per month.

Online learning materials include: inspiring online teaching videos, videos of real life coaching demonstrations for each tool, practical assignments and workbooks to chart your learning.  During your first 12 months you can join us live online to get support and get involved via monthly live webinars, which you can participate in, ask questions, interact with our team and other coaches in our community.

You can start this at anytime, simply sign up and get going!

Pick and Choose Modular Pathway

Alternatively you can learn each step of our process as individual eCourses, picking and choosing which parts of the model you want to learn as you go. 5 eCourses (one for each phase of our process) are currently being released throughout 2019, each containing approximately 4 modules. Each course can be completed in 4 weeks or 4 months at your own pace. The first course is CORE 100 a ‘gateway’ eCourse to get you going in our unique model.  Don’t be fooled by it’s label of being a ‘gateway’ course, as this comprehensive course will equip you to bring significant transformation to people beyond what you thought possible.

You can progress on from CORE 100 to learn more of the unique Destiny Coaching 5 phase process with each follow on eCourse giving you a powerful coaching toolkit in different specialist areas, if you wish.

Included in either 12 month Complete Program or Modular Pathway:

Throughout any of our online training, you will become equipped to bring people significant growth, taking them on a significant journey of discovery, clarity of purpose and breakthrough.

Destiny Coaching also has Advanced eCourses in each of the 5 steps, for those who wish to go deeper.

After completing 36 hours of training or a minimum of 2 phases, you can take your learning further by getting accredited and licensed.

Further support and community is available by you signing up to join other students in a ‘triad’. This is a small group of 3 students who agree to meet online and practice the tools, giving each other feedback.

1 to 1 mentoring is also available, where you get a session with one of our mentors who listens to one of your sessions and gives you feedback

More information

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The Annual Residential Coach Training Leadership Development Programme

collage ctp 2017 websiteThis Programme is currently run once a year, over 5 weekends, monthly, at a premium training facility (currently in Weybridge, Surrey, Greater London, United Kingdom – close to Heathrow for people attending outside the UK).

Each weekend consists of 3 full training days (there are a total of 15 classroom days). Weekends run from Friday to Sunday, 10am – 5.30pm each day.

All of our residential training weekends contain over 100 curriculum hours, taking you through our full transformational coaching model and leadership development curriculum. In-between weekends there are 4 additional live Online Classes. The curriculum includes leadership development aspects along with coach training.

You can join us live online to get support via monthly live webinars, which you can participate in, ask questions, interact with our team and other coaches in our community. You can also take your learning further by getting accredited and licensed

For more information about our full residential programme visit the course information page and/or contact us and visit our events page for current available courses and booking information. You can also sign up to receive recordings of a series of webinars explaining the difference between our coaching model and others –click here to sign up to receive these


CORE 100 – Kingdom Coach Training Weekend

shutterstock_14321743 lower resOn this weekend (Friday to Sunday) you will experience the power of coaching using this unique model first hand through seeing live demonstrations and having hands on practical assignments to get you coaching straight away.

You will leave equipped to bring breakthrough to people on new levels than you will have experienced before.  This weekend is a great introduction to our unique coaching model. Ideal for those wanting to train to coach either as part of their leadership role, their ministry or professionally. After CORE 100, you will be able to coach people and bring significant transformation. You may wish to progress onto learning the Destiny Coaching model’s full 5 step process to journey clients through even more significant growth. Each step contains a comprehensive toolkit and can be learnt on further weekends or online via eCourses.

For more information about this Programme you can contact us and visit our events page for current available courses and booking information. You can also sign up to receive recordings of a series of webinars explaining the difference between our coaching model and others –click here to sign up to receive these


Bespoke Leadership and Organisational Coach Training 

leadershipCoaching skills are of huge benefit to leaders in many different capacities. Coaching skills enable leaders to focus, motivate and empower those they lead greatly. Being a coach leader frees up leaders from carrying unnecessary heavy burdens. For organizations desiring to grow and become more effective, contact us for information about our bespoke coach training packages to train your leaders to thrive!

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