4 little known truths about becoming a ‘coach’

A lot of people don’t realise these truths about becoming a coach:

TRUTH NO. 1 – You don’t need specific expertise

Many people think that they need to know something about something to be able to offer people coaching. The truth is that coaches are trained to facilitate a deep dive discovery and activation process that enables the person being coached to find their own answers. You do not need specific expertise in the subject being coached.

TRUTH NO. 2 – Becoming a coach means different things to different people

It’s not straightforward. For some it means that they want to be a paid professional with clients that they see. For others they want to learn to be a coach at work, when managing their team. For others they want to become a coach in a ministry situation, or when helping friends or family informally. Sometimes it may mean a combination of all the above. One lady joined our training school with a focus on wanting to help her numerous grandchildren, nieces, and nephews to know what to do with their lives. Some people learn to coach so that they can wear a coach ‘hat’ sometimes but other times they wear a teacher ‘hat’ or a minister ‘hat’.

TRUTH NO. 3 – Becoming a coach needs some training.

Many people call themselves a coach and in fact they don’t coach at all. You may have even had what you were told was coaching, but it wasn’t. Coaching is not something that you automatically know how to do. It could be intrinsically part of who you are, but to recognise what parts of what you do is coaching and what is not, training is required. There are many tools used in coaching, without training you won’t be using them all.

TRUTH NO. 4 – Becoming a coach, will change the way you think forever

When you are training to actively listen on a deep level to people’s hearts and spirits, the way you see situations, possibilities and people changes forever. You will move from making assumptions which you don’t even realise you are making, to developing a healthy curiosity. You will start to use powerful questions to gain fresh revelation. You will start to be able to co-create future paths and possibilities easily and in a fun way, helping people to overcome obstacles, blind spots and limiting beliefs easily.

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