3 ‘Co-Creative’ Coaching Techniques to Speed up Success

The Co-Creative Coaching model speeds up breakthrough and success partially by harnessing the power creativity which every one of us has.

There are different approaches to coaching people through to transformation, but what we have found is that the co-creative approach accelerates results beyond what you can imagine.

Here are 3 of my favourite co-creative coaching techniques that anyone can use to speed up transformation and breakthrough, whether you are a coach or not.

The Dream Expansion Tool

So this is where you coach someone or yourself to create a picture of what the ideal outcome would be. You put aside all of the problems and challenges for a moment and think with a completely blank canvas. Ask what would the ‘too good to be true’ be?

Doing this you are stirring up your creativity to create this picture. You are also stiring up your passion and motivation!

Then for the expansion part! Ask the question: What would that look like 10 times bigger! Wow! By looking at a 10 times bigger scenario, your thinking is expanded and what you originally thought seems smaller, more manageable and it begins to seem possible.

What this technique does, is help us to think beyond our problems and actually create a picture of what success could look like. Seeing that picture helps in many ways. Once you can see what you want, you know which direction you want to go in. Your creativity starts to operate to think up ways of getting there.

Identity Coaching

In order to go somewhere and achieve something you have never done before, you need to think differently to how you have thought before. This includes one of the most important areas of thinking differently and that is how you think about yourself. There are so many identity coaching tools we use as part of the co-creative model, here is one that is so useful for any of us to use.

Simply explore the question: – Who am I when I am at my best?

God can help us see who we are when we are fully operating in all that He has created us for. Simply imagine yourself flourishing, enjoying all that you are dreaming of. It could be a job promotion, a dream to set up a new business or ministry, to be married or to write a book. You can imagine yourself doing any or all of these or something else that you desire. Then, ask, ‘who I am when I am doing this?’ ‘What is different about me compared to who I am now?’ ‘What has changed?’ ‘What characteristics have I developed?’ ‘What do I believe about myself in this place?’

This technique helps you to see what areas you need to grow and develop in. It will give you goals for personal development to get you where you want to go. Again, we have ignited your creativity to help you find solutions.

The Fun Factor

The fun factor is such an important technique to use in coaching. It is so creative and so helpful to get breakthrough and traction towards even the biggest goals. To do this we can start by learning to create fun at every step.

We can coach ourselves into this by simply asking ourselves; ‘what would make this a lot of fun?’ If we are engaged with our goals to a degree that we feel that they are fun things to achieve, we will achieve more. Fun is a good motivator. It also looks very different for each of us. What is fun for me is not necessarily fun for you. Only you know what is fun for you. Therefore, only you can create goals and ways of achieving those goals in a fun way. The fun factor is the difference between being motivated and passionate about making changes or it feeling like walking through mud!

Engage your creativity, ‘what would make this fun?’ What is the most fun way I can achieve this? What goals do I want to have in my life that would be fun to have and would get me where I want to go?

Lighten up! Seriousness has less energy on it than fun stuff!

Anyone can use these 3 simple co-creative coaching techniques. Have fun trying them out.

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