Answer 12 questions on our short survey to find out which level you are listening on and where you can develop your listening skills.

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Most of the time



1.     People voluntarily come to me as a sounding board to talk things through


2.     Conversations often finish without me telling a story about myself, how I feel or what I would recommend


3.     I am comfortable not having to input my expertise into a conversation


4.     To check I am really understanding someone I will briefly summarise what I think I have understood and check back with them as to whether I have got it or not


5.     I often see many links between what a person is saying and their whole life and purpose


6.     I am able to have a conversation where I am speaking less than 20% of the time


7.     I enjoy helping people figure out what they really want in a situation


8.     I often hear Holy Spirit prompt me to explore something deeper with someone when I am speaking to them


9.     I am adept at asking open questions to draw out more of what a person is trying to communicate. (An open question starts with what, how, etc)


10.  I can hear when someone is out of alignment with their core values


11.  I am able to ask powerful questions that bring revelation to people about the state of their heart


12.  People feel ‘connected’ and understood (more than on a superficial level) when I talk to them


Score yourself clicking this link.

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