Kirby learns coaching and gets equipped to help family and friends quickly and effectively

Kirby a devoted mum, photographer, and someone who is integrally involved in her local church, decided to take Destiny Coaching’s Coach Training Leadership Development Program. She had always been interested in coaching but the idea of bringing the divine, God, into it, fascinated her.

“The course taught me how to dream again!” Kirby said.

To those unfamiliar with Destiny Coaching’s unique method of Christ-centered coaching, the subject of dreaming might seem out of place. What does dreaming have to do with coaching? What does this have to do with God’s will.

However, the Coach Training Leadership Development Program does inspire its coaches to infinitely dream. In turn, this effect spills over to their coaching. Both the coaches and coachees find clarity and purpose in ways that are vast, dynamic, and radical.

Why Kirby decided to learn coaching

Kirby had always been interested in coaching. Coaching has increasingly gained popularity in many sectors. Kirby considered several coaching courses for years, never quite deciding on one. She describes her decision to pursue Destiny Coaching’s program as a result of ‘God egging her into it’. Mixing the analytical approach to traditional coaching with the presence of God to enlighten the process appealed to her.

Personally transformed and equipped with tools to help friends and family

The program quickly equipped Kirby with tools to bring about results in many different situations. Some of the favorite tools which she enjoyed learning included coaching people to understand past resonant events, using ‘identity coaching’ and perspectives coaching tools.

Kirby describes some of the results of using the coaching while she was training, for example when she coached a friend who was unable to hear God’s voice in a situation. In the past, she would have just been a friend and suggested prayer. Armed with new coaching tools, she offered to help in this way, and within half an hour saw this friend get breakthrough. ‘This would not have happened if I had just been a listening ear’ she says.

Kirby also benefited from her new coaching skills personally. She revealed that ever since taking the program, she felt a greater sense of peace and clarity. The program also helped build her leadership abilities.

Kirby explained how she felt increased confidence in her leadership abilities equipped with coaching tools. She also noticed that her training had sharpened her abilities as a parent. Being able to “give mini coaching sessions on the fly,” as Kirby describes it, was extremely helpful for her and her daughter.

Kirby also experienced a re-awakening of her own dreams and clarification of purpose, helping her to feel encouraged amidst the slightly more mundane side of day-to-day tasks as a mother.

‘The course is worth doing just for the personal development you get out of, leave alone the incredible toolkit that you also learn to help others’, she said. Kirby said, “I encourage anyone to just go for it! It’s absolutely amazing. Even just doing it for yourself makes it worthwhile. Better still you can even join with a friend and enjoy coaching each other, which is what I did.” Watch our video to learn more about the journey Kirby described as life-changing and her key takeaways from the program.

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