Thank you for supporting Destiny Coaching Ministries. We are a new ministry with a heart to encourage and activate the Body of Christ into their divine destinies and we welcome you to participate with us in this mandate by your giving.

One-time Donation

Becoming a monthly partner – monthly giving



Monthly Partner Amounts


Monthly Partner Amounts

Bursary Scheme

(Sponsoring an emerging leader through a course a coaching)

There are Christian leaders of all ages, some younger, others mature, but all who are taking brave steps in faith to start what God has put on their hearts. These leaders are setting up new ministries and businesses which will have great impact for the kingdom. Having coaching and mentoring through the process of building these organisations is for many make or break. A course of coaching provides a success factor like no other all which can be made possible by your giving. For more information on sponsoring one of these leaders through a course of coaching contact us. (Sponsorship can be anonymous if desired or alternatively with a personal connection to the leader to enable you to receive news on progress)

Monthly payments £210 $315 (for 6 to 18 months depending on leader’s needs)

One time pre-agreed payment for complete course of coaching:

If you are a leader that wishes to apply for a bursary scheme please contact us.

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