David’s Tent 2016

Coaching subject description for 30 min taster coaching sessions at Davids Tent.

Sessions run on Friday 2pm to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am to 6pm, and Monday 10am to 2pm

Life Messages:

A life message is something that is so intrinsically part of who you are. You convey it automatically in how you live, what you do, how you do it and many other ways. Your life message tells the world something powerful. No one else can give the world your message like you do. It carries weight when you give it because it has your heart, your values, your experience, your internal transformation and your relationship with God behind it. It is your testimony of who God is and what He can do. Your life messages are entwined with your purpose. They are the places where you can bring hope, freedom and so much more to the world.


There are 7 billion people on the planet and the chances are that you will not be able to impact all of them in your lifetime so unless you know who you want to impact with your life message it may be difficult to focus your efforts. The audience or the people you are called to serve and contribute your gifts and talents to could be people you have already had experience with or people you have not had experience with but a heart to impact. Being coached on this area will help you identify who they are.


Tasks are the channels where you access your audience with the life messages that you carry. It is the practical part of what you actually do, the job roles and functions that hold your strengths, gifts and talents in any given season and allow you to live out who you are. It is rare to have one job role for your entire life. Although tasks includes a job role it is more that that – it is the tasks you repeat throughout your life where you naturally end up functioning no matter what the situation or job role you are in. Your life messages come through the way you do what you do. For example you may be a plumber and this could be your job role for most of your life but within that you may be fulfilling the role of a father to younger men you work with or a messenger of good news to customers you speak to in your everyday work: whatever you do in the natural function there always seems to be an alignment of what you do in the natural to what you do or how you impact people in the spiritual.


Not all tasks are equal, you will shine in some ways more than others, some may enable your life message to be carried in a greater way than others. The tasks you enjoy the most combined with those that carry your life message will enable you to have the most impact. By being coached in IMPACT you will begin to see how peoples lives can be different because of your contribution.

Grace and Authority Wheel:

This wheel is powerful because it works on the spiritual law that the power of the testimony is the spirit of prophecy (Rev 19:10) – It unpacks testimony that may have been previously hidden, unused and latent. This allows people to have confidence in stepping out in our authority in specific areas, knowing that God will do it again.

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