Coaching Procrastination

Ever been guilty of procrastinating over something?


Maybe you can’t understand why you are just not doing it


Coaching through procrastination is a great way of bringing into the light what is stopping you from moving forward and dealing with it.


Coaching the root of the procrastination first, is a quicker way to success than simply coaching towards reaching the goal.


Quite often the thing that is holding us back from taking a step and getting into action is easy to identify and get over. Here are some common obstacles that people I have coached have found is a source of their procrastination. Check out the helpful coaching questions and ‘reframes’ for each area which will help you get over procrastination and rocket into action! 



I just don’t know where to start

I’m not sure I can do it, it feels too hard

I don’t know what to do


Coaching Tips

Sit down and create a plan. Think, if I could do this easily, what would the ideal plan be? What are ALL the tasks I would do? Then simply pick the first one or two tasks that make sense to start, or which you feel most confident in doing. Give yourself as much time as you need to do these first few tasks, but do set a timeline/deadline for yourself. Often just having a plan and realising the length and breadth of a project does the trick. 



If I do it, I won’t make enough money

If I do it no one will come or be interested

If I do it, it may destroy me

In a nutshell……

If I do it……something bad will happen

If I do it……I won’t work


Coaching Tips

What is the belief you have here that is limiting your progress?

This belief may feel true, but is it really true?

What is the full truth? Start to work at busting those limiting beliefs! 



I just can’t be bothered!

I just don’t want to


Coaching Tips

So why bother then? What is the point of doing this, if in reality you don’t want to?

If it is something you do want to do deep down, then why? Go back to your why and really connect with this. What will happen if you don’t do it? What will happen if you do it? When could you do it by? How will that make you feel? What would make it fun and easier to do?



Procrastination is just a symptom that your heart and your creativity are not engaged enough in what you are looking to achieve. Dig in deeper to find out what is the cause of the procrastination, eg your thought process behind it that is going on in your subconscious. Once you have awareness of the root cause of why you are delaying you can coach yourself forward past the procrastination.


Alternatively, don’t.


But either way, be at choice that you are deciding and are not at the mercy of an unwanted feeling of procrastination.


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