Executive Coach, Aidan, encounters God, finds his identity as ‘son’ and learns a transformational coaching model to impact his coaching practice for some years to come.

Aidan Todd had been a Business Executive Coach for 12 years prior to taking the Coach Training Leadership Development Program from Destiny Coaching. He was intrigued when a friend, who also happened to be a professional coach, enthusiastically referred him to the program. After looking into Destiny Coaching’s core mission of equipping people to fulfil their greatest God-given potential and purpose, Aidan wanted to add this particular dimension to his coaching. Having already changing vocations once in his life, Aidan fully understood the importance of finding one’s best vocation and underlying purpose.

Aidan explained that he felt “drenched” learning Destiny Coaching’s curriculum. He explained, “The quality and depth of the coaching model shone through. The content of the program was rich and deep; therefore, it will take time to soak in. But when it does, l will be feeding off of it for years to come.” Aidan also enjoyed gaining a richer understanding of God and His ways and a closer relationship with Him, through the concepts introduced.

Even as a seasoned, fully trained coach, Aidan explained that the Destiny Coaching Model offered many new things to learn. “I was wondering how you would coach complete beginners and professional coaches side by side. But you do and it worked.”

Aidan enjoyed seeing the transformation in fellow students during the program. He saw breakthroughs, new revelations and many results through the coaching exercises that went beyond expectations they had set for themselves. The coaching exercises that included leading people into deep encounters with God inspired him.

Clearer vision, focus and momentum

Aidan admitted that a surprising result from taking the program was the extent of how his relationship with Christ was deepened. “I will be a stronger leader after gaining a better relationship with the trinity, particularly Father God. Because of this, my whole identity has changed. I identified as “coach” upon entering the program; I left as “His son,” said Aidan.

Through the coaching Aidan received as part of the program, he found more clarity of his own purpose and greatly expanded personal vision. He admitted that while some specific details were still unclear, he is now headed in a definite direction, even having the confidence to take big steps towards what God showed him was his purpose, straight after graduating from the program. “God activated me on my path. I’ve been able to make important career and life decisions with confidence. The vision that I have now gained for my life is so big. I will spend the rest of my life living it out!”

Aidan’s experience has given him determination to change the world in the way he now knows he is created to. He now has clearer focus on the type of influential leaders he will be working with which will allow him to impact on the world more significantly in years to come.

Summarizing the impact of learning the Destiny Coaching approach

As for Aidan’s top highlights from taking the program, he admits there were many. If he had to narrow them down, he would specify his encounter with God as a top one. “I used to feel a distance between me and Father God. Getting closer to Him was amazing! I got to sit next to Him close.” Aidan encountered God and watched others also encounter God in so many peer coaching exercises. He quickly saw the huge impact God was making in all of the lives of everyone on the program.

“Destiny Coaching always encouraged us to go bigger. Ten times bigger wasn’t enough. One hundred times bigger wasn’t, either. Those challenges had an impact on me,” added Aidan.

When asked to give his recommendation to those interested in the program, Aidan responded, “You’ve got to jump into it. If you’re interested in knowing and living out your vocation and purpose through Christ—if you’re interested in helping others do the same—then you need to take the program.”

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